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saint5221 01-01-2004 06:09 PM

PFW's Most Disappointing Teams Of 2003

Each writer picked a most disappointing team. The link has the full article with all teams picked.

PFW associate editor Ken Bikoff:
“It would be easy to look at the Bucs and simply say, ‘Hey, they didn’t return to the Super Bowl, so they have to be the biggest disappointment.’ And you wouldn’t be far off. After all, the Bucs had the kind of talent on defense that could dismantle any team out there, but repeating is the toughest thing to do in football. That’s why, for my money, the Saints were an even bigger disappointment. No, they were never considered a Super Bowl contender, but they laid an egg in the biggest games and failed to take advantage of the opportunities that lay before them. An overhaul of the defense should have been the biggest problem, but it wasn’t. QB Aaron Brooks was inconsistent, the receivers never meshed well and RB Deuce McAllister was forced to carry almost the entire load. It might even be more baffling that instead of a total collapse, the Saints showed signs of life at times, which means that they had trouble focusing every game. I had higher hopes for the Saints. I believed they could be a special team if the defense came together. But when the ‘D’ showed up, the offense disappeared, and so did the team’s season.�

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