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WhoDat 01-01-2004 09:03 PM

Polar Opposite
The days after the '03 season have proven to be completely different than the same period a year earlier. Last season, there was much nager about missed opportunities. There was discussion about how this team was much better than its record. The Brooks debate RAGED, some (me) talked about how the coaching staff was underachieving and how the team wouldn't get better unless they cut ties with the current staff. Others said that the collapses were different each year. All kinds of opinions about key injuries, fatigue from training camp, locker room cancers, and more were thrown back and forth.

Well, at least this year we all agree. The problems are clear. It starts at the top and you don't have to look much further. We've got the talent. Sure, there are holes, mostly on D, but the ability to fill them properly goes right back to the root of the problem. In the early goings I'm actually thinking playoffs for next season, but that's definitely subject to change. The one thing I will congratulate the Saints for is uniting the fan base, and crushing the hopes of even the most fervent optimists on this board (read BillyC - don't say I didn't tell you it was coming B. ;) ). Thanks Mr. Benson, at least you've done that for your loyal fans.

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