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WhoDat 01-04-2004 08:50 AM

OK, it's WAY too quiet on here... time to stir up .

Last night Jake Delhomme went 18/29 (62%) for 273 yards and 1 TD in the playoffs against the league's best pass defense. He also led his team to victory. No surprise really, he did that 12 times this year and has SEVEN fourth quarter comebacks to his credit. At some point in the game they ran a piece on him where his coach, John Fox, said that he has "it". Fox said he couldn't really describe what "it" was, but it made Delhomme a great leader, the kind of guy his teammates want to be around and believe in.

I understand why. In his first year as a starter in this league, in 15.5 games, Delhomme went:
266/449 (59.2%) for 3,219 yards (7.17 yards per attempt), 19 TDs, 16 INTs with a QB rating of 80.6.

Brooks, in his first year as the starter after having a full year in the system and even starting 5 games the year before went:
312/558 (55.9%) for 3,832 yards (6.87 yardsper attempt), 26 TDs, 22 INTs with a QB rating of 76.4.

So in essence, Brooks was less efficient. Don't think that matters? Brooks' team was 7-9 and hasn't gotten much better since. Delhomme's team went 11-5 and won its first playoff game in 7 years last night. Also, unlike Brooks, Delhomme seems to be PROGRESSING. He's gotten better as the season progressed. You hear his teammates, coaches, and people around the league no longer talking about him as a guy who doesn't lose the game, but one who rallies the troops and wins in the 4th quarter.

Even this year, as Brooks completed his third full year as a starter, and in his best year all around as a QB, he still only completed 59.1% of his passes for 6.85 yards per attempt - numbers lower than Delhomme's first year totals. Of course, his QB rating is 88.8 on account of his 24 TDs and only 8 INTs. We all know that the efficiency rating does not take into account the league leading 11 fumbles lost. If so that 24 to 19 number probably drops his QB rating down to about 81.

And keep in mind, Brooks' offense is more explosive. YES!!! The Saints receivers did underachieve THIS YEAR. However, they certainly did not in '02 or '01. Further, the Saints offensive philosophy is geared at making big plays and winning the game for the defense. The Panthers' game plan on offense is far more conservative, run-oriented, and geared at helping the defense win the game. Still, in a QB friendly offense, Brooks cannot do what Delhomme can do.

So, tell me again why we let Delhomme go and kept AB? I can't wait to hear Billy's perspective on all this. Bottom line Billy - chalk up one more boneheaded move for Haslett and Co., b/c we kept the wrong QB.

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JOESAM2002 01-04-2004 09:37 AM

Why did I know this was coming? Please , just keep it clean!

UK_WhoDat 01-04-2004 12:17 PM


Oh dear! That\'s one way to stir things up.

Anyway - has anyone seen BillyC and AB in the same place at one time (or are they one and the same). joke! :cool:

saintz08 01-04-2004 02:34 PM

Time to get the big spoon out .......

In addition to Who Dats excellent post , I can only add this one achievement .

Delhomme CAR 273 29 18 1 0 70 104.5

Seems like a good rating , now consider it is post season .

Jake Delhomme just went down in N.F.L. history .

Yes , Saints fans that 104.5 rating is a Post season top 5 rating .

Delhomme earned his mark next to Joe Montana in Post season play .

Pretty good for a quarterback that Haslett considered not good enough to start against the Bungles 2 years ago ..... :hallucine:

JKool 01-04-2004 07:19 PM

Good twist on this 08.

I couldn\'t agree more that Delhomme should be listed as a Haz error. If we\'re going to pay Bouman a ridiculous salary for a back-up, why couldn\'t we fork it over for Delhomme? That seems to be an error that goes right to the GM. Hmmmm...

frankeefrank 01-05-2004 02:56 AM

Yeah AB beat Dallas too.
let\'s see Delbonne knock out the defending SB champs

BillyC 01-05-2004 08:36 AM

WhoDat --

How \'bout Stephen Davis? Look what he did against the #1 defense. If only we had Davis. Deuce couldn\'t do squat against Dallas. Looks like we need to trade Deuce and get someone like Stephen Davis.

Carolina would be a playoff caliber team with any average QB. They have a good defense, offense, special teams, coaches. Delhomme is just their Trent Dilfer.

This is somewhat amusing, but just another futile attempt to prove NOTHING..

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JOESAM2002 01-05-2004 09:12 AM

It\'s the call to the post! Jockeys to you mounts! The \"Dead Horse Derby is about to begin!\" The truth is 8-8,9-7 this team is average at best! It ain\'t the players. This ain\'t almost the most talented team we\'ve ever had. In my opinion it is, by far the most talented team we\'ve ever had. It is also the poorest coached team we\'ve ever had. At this point I\'d almost vote to bring back Ditka?????????? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We need coaching that will bring out the best and the beast in this team.

BillyC 01-05-2004 09:38 AM

I\'ll tell ya what. I\'m so frustrated with Haslett and this coaching staff, I\'m not even looking foward to next season. Well.........maybe a little bit, but NO ONE will ever make me believe that we are not a much better team than our record.

I suppose if we give Haslett enough time that he will eventually get us in the playoffs, but how long is that going to take? I\'ll bet that we have some players on this roster that are very good, if not great players, that will never reach their potential under Haslett.

JoeSam joked about bringing back Ditka. Well, as far as I\'m concerned, I have more faith in Ditka. Or, at least as much. I truely believe that Haslett has lost the respect or the players. I don\'t totally blame Haslett though. I TOTALLY blame Tom Benson.

I don\'t claim to know how to run a football orginization, but DAMN, when is it enough?

There are 2 things I would love to know.

1. Exactly how much untapped talent do we have?
2. Exactly how much is coaching holding this team back.

Because I believe our coaching is so bad, I can\'t point the finger at any player.

JKool 01-05-2004 10:10 AM

I think it is important to note this momentous occasion! This is a Br :cool: :cool: ks thread that has been hijacked to an anti-Haz thread!!!! Well, not exactly, but we can always hope...

Here, here, BillyC (and of course everyone who said this before)! I agree. Haz is our cancer this time around. However, Ditka screwed us; Haz is just holding us back. I\'m not sure that I was every that fond of Ditka after the first six games he was with us.

I would love a new coach, but it looks like we\'re not going to get it. I\'m not sure what it takes to be a good coach, but I do believe that here is a sign that you aren\'t: each year at least one, often more, truly excellent player leaves and is branded a locker room cancer. This just shows that the coach doesn\'t know how to manage the babies he\'s been put in charge of. That, at least, is part of his job.

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