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BringTheWood 08-21-2011 04:41 AM

About the game tonight.
I want to be short, but maybe hit on all points.

I was actually at the game tonight, and had some really good seats, so I got to kinda see firsthand the mistakes we were making, but here goes.

Our OL looked pretty bad. Brees was consistently having to get rid of the ball before he could even make a read, and even had to eat the sack for the fumble. Chase Daniel had nothing better to work with, made a few meaningful passes, but mostly on the rollout. The pocket was the danger zone for us tonight.

Our QBs all looked a little shaky with their accuracy. Brees threw one of the screen drops to Sproles behind him, which isn't good, and Daniel overshot a few receivers by about 5 yards. One led to the pick.

RBs looked good for the most part. I wanted to see a little more contact, but they didn't see nearly the touches for that I guess. I agree with the general consensus though. If Pierre and Ingram stay healthy, we've easily got a 150+ yard a game duo. That's without even mentioning Bell, Ivory or Sproles.

WRs. Again, didn't see too much, but it wasn't horrible. Devery had that god awful block attempt that led to a penalty, and there were a few drops, but I also saw a few nice shots at long routes, and Moore was running some really nice routes. I don't want to panic herer though, because I feel once we are 100% and in week 1 regular season, our guys are gonna be back to their just above average performance and ball spreading that makes us winners.

DEF backs. Our corners scared me tonight. I fully accepted beforehand that Johnson would eat us alive, and he did. 100 yards on 4 catches. However, it seemed like anyone thrown to shined against us tonight. And not just the passing game, but they failed to make ANY meaningful stops in the running game as well, whether blitzing or not. Greer whiffed a big tackle for a loss on Jacoby Jones, and Arian Foster literally was one0cutting our guys out of their socks. They need to be meeting the contact head on and wrapping up, instead of back pedaling and then trying to strip. They looked REALLY bad.

Dline. Honestly, I saw a few holes that Houstons oline created that I wasn't too happy about, and I didn't see hardly any pressure on Schaub. Leinart was a different story, as we got to him pretty often, but those guys were mostly 2's.

Graham looked average, sadly average. Didn't get much separation, caught a few balls in contact, and went down almost immediately.

Overall, it wasn't a great night. The fans were really into it in Houston tonight, and the Saints looked a bit lost. All that said though, I did see some shining spots in our run game, and I'm sure Drew will be a top 5 QB again, so generally not that many things to worry about on O besides the line for me. D has potential, but we've really gotta line out who is gonna start, and get them some serious reps to get their stuff down.

The penalties were what bugged me the most tonight. The one on Robinson would've had me bench him were I GW. He baltantly made a swipe at the helmet and cost us 15. We also had 2-3 blatant late hits that pissed me off pretty badly.

We'll get it together, but tonight showed why even Champions have to practice and earn.

strato 08-21-2011 07:35 AM

The best analysis yet from what i saw also...i know its preseason....but Payton was upset and it showed...we have a lot of work to do..the one thing that i would say scared me the most is the O-Line..

Cruize 08-21-2011 07:46 AM

Positives - Thomas and Ingram looked great.
- Morgan is a playmaker.
- Colston played.
- Dunbar looks good at backup MLB.
- No serious injuries besides Franklin's knee sprain.
- Preseason. Games don't count. Time to address
issues and work on problems.

Negatives - The Saints have zero OL depth besides Tennant.
- Herring is not a starter.
- Oliver should be cut today.
- No pressure out of the starting front four.
- Henderson should be gone. Fire is good. Stupidity is
unacceptable. Send the message.
- After a great first game, Casillas could not get
off a block. Was manhandled all night.
- C. Brown was decent against the 49ers. HORRIBLE
against the Texans.
- Payton's playcalling. The Saints run the ball down
their throats to the 5 and he wants to throw.

RailBoss 08-21-2011 11:14 AM

Maybe that was the "Vanilla Game Plan" looked more like Tutti Frutti to me. The one thing I can say is that there has been a lot of personnel changes since the 44 team which will take time to gel. And you better believe that the staff is looking at each and every player because roster cuts come very quickly.

jeanpierre 08-21-2011 11:51 AM

It's Preseason...

But our defensive backs have got to be able to tackle...

The offensive line needs to be able to gel...

Maybe heat exhaustion, but the defensive linemen are way out of shape...

If Jenkins goes down, the defense and season is screwed...

Maverick2299 08-21-2011 03:32 PM

I feel like Jenkins is our Troy. When there we have a top 5 D...when he is gone a low 20 D. Its just weird.

homerj07 08-21-2011 07:17 PM

SO what is more important a LB or more O-line help/depth??

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