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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Tuesday, December 30, 2003 By Mike Detillier - SaintsReport.com Draft Analyst - 3:45 pm CST -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Irish Channel From: New Orleans Mike, Big fan of you and your column. My only complaint is we don't get to read you ...

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The Latest "Ask Mike"

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

By Mike Detillier - SaintsReport.com Draft Analyst - 3:45 pm CST


Name: Irish Channel
From: New Orleans

Big fan of you and your column. My only complaint is we don't get to read you more often. Every other day sounds about right to me.

I have several questions about the Saints' coaches. Assuming Haslett stays and is forced to change coordinators, who is out there in the professional and collegiate ranks that you think would make good offensive and defensive coordinators? What do you think is the likelihood that these are the guys that Loomis and Haslett also like and would pursue?

Personally, I'd let Haslett go as well. He seems like a pretty good coach and a decent guy, but it appears he's lost the team. Once you lose the respect of the players and they start tuning you out, it's virtually impossible to get them back. I just don't see him turning it around, even with new coordinators.

And this is a longshot, but if I were Tom Benson I'd seriously look into the possibility of bringing in Nick Saban as head coach next year. He's a proven commodity and hot prospect. He's practically deified by Tigers fans statewide, which could dramatically boost Saints season ticket sales; outside of hiring Bill Parcells, what other coaching hire would bring more people into the city from Baton Rouge, Lafayette, etc., for Saints games? Lastly, it's been said that Saban likes his house and the atmosphere in Baton Rouge. If the Saints pick him up, he could keep the house, leave his family undisturbed, and still live his dream of coaching in the NFL. Seems like the best of both worlds for both Saban and the Saints. What do you think and what are the odds?

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The Latest "Ask Mike"

Hmmm, this seems to have a Brooks tint to it ....... :P

Private, it\'s part coaching, but to be honest the football IQ on this team is not real strong. You can coach some of that, but you must bring in people with good intelligence and work skills. The lazy part of scouting and I believe some of that is being done with this team is to pick and sign players with tremendous athletic skills and then try and coach them up. Well, the teams that scout well find the talented athletes, but they also find the work ethic guys and the football smart players. This team has quite a few players with excellent athletic gifts, but they are low on the Football IQ chart. When Randy Mueller was the GM here I spoke to him about that issue and he totally agree that this team was lacking in that area. He told me that the football smarts equation was not real high and that was an area he would have to address more. He got fired a few weeks after that conversation. Until you can really re-up the coaching end and find individuals with a higher football IQ these mental mistakes will continue. The coaches will try to blame it on youth and inexperience and some of that I will buy on defense, but not on the offensive side of the ball with so many veteran players that have been here the past three seasons. Believe me though, Haslett will try and sell that to some of the media members who will buy it. It\'s just an excuse to a much bigger problem.

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