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whowatches 01-07-2004 09:44 PM

Four reasons to imbibe
Not that I need them, for God's sake...

Who do you folks think will take the W in each of the weekend's matchups? I know that history is on the side of the home teams, but I'm picking three visiting teams:

Carolina over St. Louis (can't get that Rams - Lions game outta my head)

Indianapolis over Kansas City (they played like madmen last weekend)

Green Bay over Philly (the running productivity kinda reminds me of what T.Davis brought to the Broncos during that two year SuperBowl run -- this GB team is really starting to remind me of them)

I'm gonna root for McNair and the Titans, but I don't think they can take the Pats. I'll be happy if proven wrong.

A couple of random thoughts (been a while since I've been by):

Has anyone ever had his Heisman revoked? (was he ugly in that game or what?)

I'm glad to see Joe Gibbs back in football. Parcells, Gibbs, Vermeill... it's just nice to have some guys in the game who can teach.

Thoughts? Comments? Juvenile quips from Saintswamprayadios?

jm 01-08-2004 09:55 AM

Four reasons to imbibe
While the home field is an advantage, the last 3 Super Bowl winners did not have homefield in their respective Conference Championship games.

As far as the picks;

Gb over Phil
ind over KC
Tenn over NE
Rams over Car

Danno 01-08-2004 04:24 PM

Four reasons to imbibe
Philly over Green Bay-
Green Bay is due a let down, and philly\'s just the team to give it to them. Green Bay will choke, probably Ahman fumbles. Reid should outcoach Sherman.
Philly-28, GB-17

Carolina over St Louis-
St Louis has played 4 teams with a winning record. FOUR!!!
St Louis usually chokes against smash-mouth teams. They barely beat Baltimore, and Baltimore shot themselves in the foot more than a years worth. I think Baltimore set an NFL record for greatest yardage differential in a loss. Bulger gets rattled when smacked around and their WR\'s are cowards. Carolina ain\'t skeerd.
Car-27, STL-24

Indy over KC-
Manning has a history of DESTROYING weak defenses. He doesn\'t do that well on grass but I think he still pulls it off.
Indy-31, KC-27

New England over Tennessee-
Tenn blew their wad last week. Minus 3 degrees at gametime. I smell a frozen blow-out.
New England-24, Tenn-10

saintfan 01-08-2004 04:44 PM

Four reasons to imbibe
I too think Phlly Beats Green Bay, but I think it\'s a close game. GB should be able to run the ball on the Eagles, but McNab is just a bit too much. Philly 27 GB 23

You\'re right Danno, Carolina ain\'t skeered, but this game is in St. Louis. If the Panthers were at home I might take \'em on this one but I\'m saying Rams 27 Panthers 10

I also like Indy Over KC. Manning is hot and the Colts just have too much Offense for the KC \"D\". Indy 34 KC 24

I disagree with ya on Tennessee. I think they\'re just the kinda team that can beat the Patriots. It\'ll be cold, and Tennessee will make the Patriots feel every bit of it. I\'ll take the Titans in a close game. Tenn 17 NE 16

D_it_up 01-08-2004 08:07 PM

Four reasons to imbibe
Pats over Titans
Colts over Chiefs
Eagles over Packers
Panthers over Rams

As for the comment about the Heisman being revoked, I don\'t think it should be. If Jason White had the cahonies, he\'d drive to Pittsburgh or Ole Miss (take his pick), walk over to Fitzgerald or Eli, and have the Heisman gift-wrapped for one or the other. His last two games proved that Oklahoma played a weak schedule and he does squat against the big teams.

whowatches 01-08-2004 08:51 PM

Four reasons to imbibe
So nobody out there thinks that the Pack can continue their drive?!?! These guys have won five in a row heading into this game. Every other team in the tournament (except New England) has stumbled in the last couple of weeks. The Pack has looked better each game. Favre is throwing less wild passes (which means less INTs) because of the three-headed beast of a running game. With Westbrook on IR, the Eagles lose a huge weapon. Also, the Philly run D has been weaker than Swampdog\'s attempts to rejoin our board. I honestly think that Green Bay will represent the NFC in the Superbowl this year.

I know, I know... you\'re probably all tired of the \"Brett Favre\'s dad sending angels\" story that every announcer recounts ad nauseum. I couldn\'t agree more. And, knowing Brett, he\'s sickened by it more than any of us could possibly imagine.

On another note, I think Jason White\'s performance in the Dome the other week provides another example of how Heisman winning QBs are destined to fail in the NFL. White, like Wuerfel and others before him, is a system QB. When faced with sophisticated defensive schemes that require him to use his physical abilities and/or capability to audible or adapt, he, quite simply, crumbles. Personally, I was embarrassed for him.

WhoDat 01-09-2004 09:30 AM

Four reasons to imbibe
Wrong, wrong, wrong. ;)

Philly over Green Bay, despite good days by both Favre and Green.

St. Louis in a dome at home against Carolina? St. Louis by 40. Their defense scores once and allows 10 points max to Carolina.

NE over the Titans simply b/c they are a better team with less injuries right now and a better coach - but this one could go either way.

KC over Indy. Sorry guys, that blowout of Denver didn\'t mean much. Outside, in the cold, running will matter more than passing. KC\'s league MVP candidate is a runningback, Indy\'s is a quarterback. KC wins 45-41, Holmes has 140 yards rushing, 55 receiving and 3 TDs.

D_it_up 01-11-2004 09:43 AM

Four reasons to imbibe
Tsk, tsk, tsk, Whodat! :P You picked the Rams by 40+? What happened to the confidence in your boy Jake? lol. Sorry, just had to rib ya a bit. That was a game that could\'ve gone either way easily. Oh, but just for the record. I\'m 2 for 2 in my picks thus far. :D

whowatches 01-11-2004 10:01 AM

Four reasons to imbibe

I\'m 2 for 2 in my picks thus far.
Me, too. I was trying to resist the urge to say anything until after today\'s games. Green Bay is the team I\'m really pulling for now; that\'s the game I\'m most anxious about.

Yeah, Whodat, you da man and I love ya and all... but forty points? :o No faith in the Coon@ss Bomber?

On a side note from that game, I think Lovie Smith should be promoted to Head Coach of the Goats. What kinda maroon doesn\'t try a shot or two at the end zone with almost thirty seconds left in the game? Poetic justice was served, but it woulda been hilarious for Wilkins to miss that field goal.

Marc Bulger must feel real warm and fuzzy toward ole WonderMartz this morning. I mean, it\'s not like the St. Louis offense was stagnant in the second half?!? Oh well, I can\'t hope to understand because I\'m not an offensive genius... just offensive.

WhoDat 01-11-2004 12:37 PM

Four reasons to imbibe
It\'s a conspiracy! ;)

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