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saintfan 01-09-2004 11:03 AM

The "official" ban Saintfan thread
It has come to my attention that at least ONE very opinionated poster on this board would prefer that I post here no more. While I'm certain this view is consistant with some select others in the "Good 'Ol Boy" club I figure we might as well put it to a vote.

The specific request comes from Whodat who is quoted here:

"Joesam, I submit this to you. The only difference between what Saintsfan is doing now, and has done for a LONG time, and what Billy, Gator, Swampdog, etc. have gotten in trouble for in the past is that Saintfan is not as explicit in his insults and personal attacks, but they are personal attacks nonetheless. To Joe or whomever is playing moderator now, I ask, do something about this. Thanks. " -- Whodat

Whodat posted the above right before he asked me to go back to my cave...

Might I remind everyone that the thread that generated this request contained information posted by Saintz08 where he inferred several quotes that, in fact, were not quotes, and that he also failed to provide links to the articles he referenced. I called him on it. This appears to have greatly upset Whodat...what's new.

I'd like to remind everyone before they vote for or against my demise that the one's I have had issues with in the past are those that bombard Aaron Brooks. This is not because of any supposed love I have for Brooks, but rather because I see many other problems with this team. Although I have acknowledged Brooks' mistakes in the past these certain few that continue to make these insinuations continue to make references to the contrary.

I too have an opinion that I feel strongly about and it surely does seem to differ greatly from the handful that post the opposite view on this web site. I would also like to add that before Whodat (or anyone else) accuses me of personal attacks that perhaps they should take a long look in the mirror. Examples can be provided if required.

...but I digress. If I'm not wanted here then I'll leave. It's that simple. I cannot be banned I don't think because pointing out opinions posted as facts is not cause for it. I have been in many heated discussions, primarilly with Whodat and Saintz08 and to my knowledge I am guilty of nothing that they or anyone else might be guilty of. It's woth noting that I took a self-imposed hiatus because I was taking their attacks on my opinion a bit too personally. I'm back now only because I've decided to do that no longer.

I warn everyone that, if I'm allowed to stay, I have every intention to continue to do what I have always done, and that is to support my favorite team in the manner in which I see fit, which is to discuss and debate my opinions as well as the opinion of others with whom I may agree or disagree with.

So, ya'll want me gone? Say the word. If ya'll want me to stay, then say so. I'm not a Liberal and I'm not a democrat, but I am democratic. The will of the people shall prevail.

JOESAM2002 01-09-2004 11:33 AM

The "official" ban Saintfan thread
No need for a vote. Everyone just needs to go by the rules! End of discussion!

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