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saintz08 01-12-2004 12:01 AM

Brooks trade to Chargers
Straight off a Chargers board ........

Riding the Pine
Posts: 80
(1/5/04 11:26:25 am)
Reply A. Brooks situation?
I hear some of you guys talking about the rumored Saints move to pick up Eli, but they already have a very good QB in Brooks?
If the Saints were to trade him and there 1st rd pick, I would take that deal. But if the bolts could add a player or two in return for the saints 2nd rounder than all the better!
Does this idea make any sense? What are your thoughts?


saintz08 01-12-2004 12:15 AM

Brooks trade to Chargers
Hey Saintsfan :

The 08 spin has now gone national ..... :P

I need to take my show to ESPN ..... :cool:

deadflatbird 01-12-2004 08:04 AM

Brooks trade to Chargers
now now... that wasn\'t a rumour at all... I talked with a friend of mine who is a sportscaster in San Deigo and asked him his thoughts and he said he would take that brooks for number one pick is all... had completelly nothing to do with trade talks with the teams. There is no talks going on... Brooks is a Saint and will remain a Saint.

saintfan 01-12-2004 08:36 AM

Brooks trade to Chargers
Sounds to me like that Chargers board has speculation to rival this one.

08, as much as I know you\'d like to see it happen, I just don\'t see it.

saintz08 01-12-2004 09:40 AM

Brooks trade to Chargers
That\'s alright boys , it seems to be on the fans minds .

Just need a little more lift on that spin and ................


Jock Strap Cleaner
Posts: 5
(1/7/04 10:03:47 am)
Reply Re: Trade Question
That\'s definitely one to ponder. Don\'t know if I make that trade? I think you will be surprised at how much more this choice can bring in return.

Couch is an OK QB, but there is a reason he had problems holding onto his position in Cleveland. His career TD/INT ratio is not so great. After 5 years in the league, one has to wonder what is his upside?? He seems average at best, perhaps just a hair above Brees.

Personally, I like the rumor of the Aaron Brooks trade. But I don\'t realistically see that ever happening.
At least my spin is getting some national air time .... :cool:

saintfan 01-12-2004 09:49 AM

Brooks trade to Chargers
There are many silly, not-gonna-happen, even ridiculous things on the minds of fans. Trading Brooks to the Chargers would just be another one of \'em.

In my opinion the Saints would be better served with a CB, DT and a LB or two. I think most would probably agree with that...but there are still those that, for whatever reason, continue to think the Saints need another QB, and for some reason or other they\'d like to see the Saints do anything (within reason or not) to get one. It\'s amazingly short-sighted in my opinion, but you guys continue to lurk around out there. I\'m reminded that it does, in fact, take all kinds to make a world. ;)

FrenzyFan 01-12-2004 12:43 PM

Brooks trade to Chargers
Is the Chargers/Brooks trade even in talks? No.
Is it going to happen? No.
Should it? Maybe.

I am not taking anything away from the play of Aaron Brooks. Some games he is good. Many more he is average. Sometime he is the sole reason we lose.

Can we win if we improve our defense and keep Brooks? Yes.
Can we get a better QB? Easily.

Anyone who honestly evaluates Brooks sees that he is not improving as an overall QB. Some areas he is improving, no doubt. Some areas, he is not. Period. Will he improve? Maybe. It is hard to have faith now that we are in year four (heading to five) and the best we can muster (with the best RB in the league and a talented core of receivers) is 8-8. Is that record Brooks\' fault? Some. Because he is the QB: more than most (no matter what Parcels says - Quincy Carter had a helluva year accounting for much of Dallas\' success.)

No matter all the archair generalship in the universe, Brooks is not going anywhere. Haslett has too big an ego to allow Brooks to go anywhere. He has tied his own future to Brooks on many occasions. They are linked so fly-or-die, we are stuck with them both at least one more year.

That being the case, we MOST DEFINITELY need to worry about the defense. The offense (as the keystone position is QB) will likely turn in a similar performance as this year. Aaron Brooks is (in my opinion) not capable of making the transition to being a \"good\" NFL-level QB - he just lacks in every area termed \"intangibles\" (reading defenses, pocket presence, leadership, etc.) That means for us to WIN, we must have a better defense.

Please Note: There are no personal attacks on anyone on this board, or their position. Any criticism I have is for AB. If you are AB and posting on this board, please feel free to insult me, my opinion or make personal attacks. :D

BillyC 01-12-2004 12:50 PM

Brooks trade to Chargers
I think you are right about Brooks. After all, Brooks wasn\'t asked to win any games for us. Brooks was simply asked to not lose the game for us and rely on our defense to win the game. No one shut Deuce down this year and when they came close to shutting Deuce down, Brooks made terrible decisions reading the defenses and threw into double coverage and led the league in interceptions. The great receivers we have made spectacular catches all year and are responsible for getting Brooks\' completion percentage up this year.

It\'s perfectly clear that Brooks will never be a good QB in this league. Bouman is the man.

saintz08 01-12-2004 01:54 PM

Brooks trade to Chargers

All I have to say is , watchout someone may require a link to such bold statements ....


Is the Chargers/Brooks trade even in talks? No.
Is it going to happen? No.
Should it? Maybe.

BillyC 01-12-2004 02:08 PM

Brooks trade to Chargers

Brooks is not going to the Chargers. Word out of the Schwarzenegger campaign was that if Arnold won the governor\'s race in California, that Dan Fouts agreed to come out of retirement. This comes from a very reliable source. :cool:

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