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My Take On Game One

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; i guess G.W needs to suit up....lol...

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i guess G.W needs to suit up....lol
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Originally Posted by saintfan View Post
I'm going to be brutally honest. Our tacking sucks. Period. This isn't new...been a problem for years. It still is. The first guy rarely makes the stop. One cut and we're smoked. Every play. Ever time. Few exceptions. This seems like it should be easy to fix. Why isn't it fixed?

I'm going to be brutally honest. Our oline sucks. Period. This isn't new...been a problem for years. It's time to stop questioning our backs. NOBODY since Deuce can get that half yard or yard. It's not the back. It's the line. Period. Drew makes them look better on passing plays. For all the money we pay our interior guys, we sure do fail a lot when it counts up front.

Can we get a new equipment guy? How we came out of that game without 10 broken ankles is a feat in and of itself.

We are a very good offense in spite of our oline issues. Clearly we have heart. No doubt our defense will perform better against lesser offenses, but we were embarrassed tonight.

I am encouraged because I have faith that out D will get better. I can say this because it would be difficult to play any worse than we did tonight. GB is good. Our D made them look much better.

I should also be said that, somehow, as bad as we played, we managed to damn near pull it off but for our inability to run block and a very questionable play call on the last play of the game.

I am disgusted, but not without hope. This one will take some time to get over.

good call SF i can't seem to put into words how ashamed i am about our defense only because on paper i saw what i wanted to see. but when it gets down to the nitty gritty as they say and we preform like this. i'm not taking this loss litely because the experts say were not supose to win this one. i'm seeing a great reciever at 1 time going to the pits, and 1 reciever coming out of his shell. the o-line is the same -o same-o like u say can't muster a dammed yard. my hats off to your write up, thanks and yes we will come back and ditch this loss.

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What did Tracy do to get demoted to nickel cb? Did I miss something this offseason? What was up with the corners playing 10-12 yds off almost every play when it seemed like press coverage mixed with a blitz was having some success

Sproles - thanks SD

Drew looked like 08 again, D stunk up the joint minus a few plays
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It wasn't the Defensive play calling... it was pure and simple we got out played and not enough talent on D than GB does on O.

We could not match up against them at all and they were way better than we were tonight.

Now this is why I don't buy the Cool Aide they sale. Best roster they have had? BS.

GB WR's are awesome and Rodgers geez!
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Well it was a good game even though we lost... What can I say... We had our chances and we blew it.. Our defense well we could have done better, played smarter, tackled better...

But for real we played a very good offense tonight...

they got the breaks and we gave them to the Packers..

Keys to the loss
1) 2 plays into the game we fumble the damn football.. result Green Bay 7 points

2) 4 th and half a dam Football length, and we try to pass it.. come on man. I don't understand that call at all.. I can understand going for it because That would have been my choice as well.. But as my Old coach used to tell us. " If you can't gain a few inches you don't deserve to win". What would I have called , Hmmm probably a QB sneak or Thomas or Inram on a dive play..

3) again we needed 1 yard at the end of the game.. we ran the ball Hmm not saying that isn't what I would have choice to do... but there where better options here, play action , or even a bootleg I think would have done better here, Green Bay had Stacked the middle that time...

I still think we are in good shape for the rest of the season.. Always something to work on. look back at and reflect.. I feel we will see these Packers again in the Playoffs.. Hope so..

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Driver is almost 38 yrs old! And Nelson, a complete nobody, made him look like Andre Rison. It's going to be a long season if somebody doesn't bat down a ball.
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"I don't get this site. I post thoughts expressing my feelings about the D and days before the game post this:


"I'm not counting on the D stopping them much. A tipped ball here...a lucky strip there maybe, but from what I've seen in the preseason and what I know GB's offense is capable of, Drew and company are going to have to score most times they touch the ball to win. That or special teams will need to provide a spark."

Yet after the game, someone posts about how the D looked bad and everyone agrees and gives thumbs up. Wow. Really observant.
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We left 22 points on the field. Can't do that against a team like this and expect to win.
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Ok SM...we know the D needs work...but i think it will get better with time...we played a great team...they were not much better on D...what you saw was to great offenses with two great QBs.

Remember how bad they embarrassed the Falqueens last year....we didnt get it that bad..and we played on a slippery field...Woodson should have been ejected ..and i saw holds all night ..there was some home cooking going on..
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Originally Posted by Cruize View Post
Negatives - Herring is horrible.
- King and Charleston are not worthy of roster spots.
- Williams called a horrible game.
- Ellis, Rodgers, and Franklin were owned tonight.
- Special teams coverage units are not good.
- Bad tackling.

Positives - Sproles was a steal.
- Kasay was money.
- Henderson caught everything.
- Their were no injuries.
- As good as Green Bay played, and as bad as the
Saints played, the Saints still had their chances.
Short sweet and deadly accurate. Can't disagree with any of it at all.
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