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Ball should've been in Drew Brees' hands on New Orleans Saints' last play

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Thing was, in that situation you needed two back-to-back scoring plays from basically the same exact spot on the field, and both had to be successful. You do something real "fancy pants" and slick on the first play, and then ...

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Threaded by SaintsBro
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Thing was, in that situation you needed two back-to-back scoring plays from basically the same exact spot on the field, and both had to be successful. You do something real "fancy pants" and slick on the first play, and then it takes a lot of that stuff off the table for when you have to line up to do the 2 point conversion right after. I think the intention was to run it up the gut first with Ingram, then do a Jimmy Graham number or a Drew rolling out type of play for the 2 point attempt. If that play had been going for the lead and the WIN, with just the one play, I think you would have seen a much different and more creative play call by Payton.
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No push from the O-line, it's done, next the Bears. Everyone in the division lost so moving on.
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I always remember what Haslett said about when the game is on the line you want the ball in the hands of the best player(s). There is a lot of truth in that statement.
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We tried play action on two earlier goal line stands and we lost 20 yards on each of them, and almost got Drew killed. Payton probably didn't trust his offensive line to give Drew enough time to make a throw on play action. I know I didn't. He had no choice but to call a running play. I had no problem with the call...except that it didn't work.
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Stupid article, I am so tired of all this "bad call" or "put the ball in Brees hands" stuff that people are talking about, it is just ridonkulous. I wish it would go away already. ON TO THE BEARS.

Payton was so spot on with this call, and almost nobody in the media is seeing it correctly, because it didn't work....but in order to TIE and extend the game, the Saints needed not one scoring play, but TWO PLAYS IN A ROW, from almost the same identical spot on the field, and BOTH had to be successful. If you do your exotic, amazing, Brees-pulls-a-Miracle Saints play first, then the defense will darn sure stiffen and make adjustments, to take all THAT stuff off the table for the 2 point conversion. Which the Saints STILL had to make, to tie the game.... it's about what were Payton's options in a situation that needed TWO back-to-back goal-line scoring plays, not just one....because running up the gut for the FIRST play, keeps all the "putting the ball in Drew's hands for the final play" options OPEN, all that stuff is ON THE TABLE for the second try right after it. Because if Ingram gets in, the Packers D would have been completely flipped out and vulnerable to the "amazing Drew" play for the PAT, every play in the Saints playbook would have been on the table for the 2 pointer! But if you run your "amazing Drew" play first to get the TD, then what on earth do you pull out the hat for the NEXT play, right after it?

Also - it was an untimed down, the play clock is running but you can't call time out, even though you might want to change the play at the line to adjust to the defense, even if you're the amazing Drew Brees you really can't do too much there, in that situation.

And a QB sneak in that situation is no good either, folks -- because what happens when Drew dives for the TD, and is at the bottom of a pile with 1800+ pounds of Packers and Saints piled up on top of him -- think about it rationally for a second, now he is gonna be potentially all banged up with his face mask twisted around backwards, and people in the pile will be yanking and twisting at his knees and all that...but if he gets the TD, you STILL need Drew to line up and go for 2, and you still need him to play another overtime period as well. So I could see a QB sneak in a situation to WIN the game, or to tie it, but not to just get within 2 points and STILL maybe lose the game.

It was the right call, just bad execution.
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Originally Posted by foreverfan View Post
I couldn't question the call and you can't question putting the ball in Brees hands. Green Bay made the play like they had been doing all night. Their DL undercut our OL so their LB could meet Ingram in the air to knock him back.

Was a great game. We lost. Time to move on.
I thought it was a good call. On a previous short yardage situation we had them hook line and sinker on a fake pass/run/pass. No way they knew it was a run. They gambled. Still, no single play defines a game. We did plenty of things wrong to lose on defense.
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The reason we are discussing it is, there are 15 games left, and we ALL know we will see it again...and again.
What does he do the next time?
I still say, spread the field and give yourself options, and the run option doesn't have 8-9 people in the box.
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if anyone were watching the fins game verus tom brady, well to get to the point what tom bretty did was not even think of a huddle , u go to the line and snap the ball and lean over and thats it TD. nobody gets hurt because nobody knows whats going on. now in the middle of the field when they took there time to the line and the fins knew what was coming, the qb sneak or the dive or the jump over the line YES , YES, YES. THERES A CHANCE SOMEONE GETS CLOBBERED, because they know whats coming.
the element of suprize it works for the armed services it will work for us.
somehow in paytons play calling its atomatic on short yardage calls everyone and there granma "no fun intended" knows what paytons calling.

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