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AlaskaSaints 09-10-2011 01:46 AM

The almighty Green Bay Replay
Let's beat the dead horse, shall we?

The matchup between Strief and Clay Mathews was like Man-Child vs. Conan the Barbarian.

Patrick Robinson really had NO purchase for his cleats in the Rodgers to Jennings first TD. Both feet got out from under him or he may have made a better showing. I hope quarterbacks continue to pick on him because he will give us pick-6's.

PT's screen long run to end the first quarter was very reminiscent of Lynch's runback in the our Seahawks finale last year.

Sproles and Brees connect mentally and are going to do amazing things this year.

Kasay is going to be disappointing us Wide LEFT this year. I'm not looking forward to that. The mark of a great kicker, originally patented by Morten Andersen was the ability to framing-square-split the uprights 90% of the time. Kasay, ah, not so much...

Jenkins has leadership in him. Wasn't his best game, but leadership potential.

We made NO Effort to disguise our blitzes. Period.

We had a MASSIVE hold on the Sproles runback. #95. Name escapes me. Glaring.


AlaskaSaints 09-10-2011 02:10 AM

Vilma having trouble breaking blocks. Needs to learn to break arms from over the top.

Rodgers has Potty Mouth! Ever seen/heard an F-bomb out of Brees?

Where was Bell? Did I miss something? Never saw the field?

Porter has truly lost the instinct to get to the ball before the receiver. He now plays "prevent" on every play.

Jenkins with a blown tackle on Stark's run to make it 28 for the Pack.

Strief's balls dropped in the second quarter. A bit. Just saw him slam a couple guys to the ground... See it for yourself. Just before the half!

Okay, you guys can pick it up from here if you're interested. It's late. I'm tired, and the PJ's found one of my hunting buddies dead today after a week-long search. He fell into a ravine on a mountain goat hunt...

It changed my whole outlook.


homerj07 09-10-2011 11:17 AM

Good & bad - I am pissed but not as upset as many of you.

O line needs work or Drew is DEAD.

WIll Smith comes back & we get more pressure on the QB & the DBs play better.

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