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papz 09-19-2011 09:41 AM

Saints Postgame Quotes

“Obviously, it was an important win for us. I thought our energy and our effort overcame some of the early mistakes we made and I thought as that game wore on we started really gaining the momentum and getting the pressure defensively and converting the third downs we needed to offensively. I thought we had good balance and made the big plays when we needed to. It was an important win. There’s a lot we have to clean up and improve on, and we’ll look to do that heading into this week vs. Houston. I was proud of the way they played and encouraged with the end result.

(on running the ball a lot) “The one free safety was in and out of the game, (Brandon) Meriweather. We saw probably more cover two early in that game. We tried to have a little bit of balance. Our feelings probably early on were maybe to throw it a little bit more and then begin to look for our opportunities to run it. I thought we converted enough third downs, I think we were right at 50 percent, to stay on the field. We had a couple of third-and-longs that were pretty important. I thought we blocked them pretty well up front.

(on John Kasay) “He’s hitting the ball well, with a lot of confidence, and that’s good to see. I think the timing has gotten better with the left handed hold. That’s going to be important when we get into games that become closer than this one was.

(on the three running backs) “Well, they are a little different. We try to get them involved, not just only in the nickel for Darren (Sproles), you see him come in the base some and you see those other guys in the nickel some. We have a lot of different packages. I think more than anything we just believe in that type of rotation and those roles and plays we have for them both in the run and the pass. I thought they did a good job, we had one turnover late with Mark’s (Ingram) fumble. I thought the rushing statistic, the third-down statistic, and the turnover statistic would be important, and they really proved to be in this game.”

(on the long pass to Devery Henderson) “On Devery’s big play, the third-and-12, it’s a defense that almost always gets into a certain coverage look. We try to help out with protection. Drew (Brees) did a great job with the location. Devery (Henderson) got into the secondary with good release. It was against their nickel cover two. It’s one of those third and longs that kind of sits in your pocket as a call for if it comes up, and it came up early. Obviously, we prefer not to be in that situation, but one of the things we try to emphasize all week that third downs, especially third and long, that punting against this team is not a bad thing. They thrive on great field position for their offense. I thought we did a pretty good job today of making them start on their end of field and put together long drives if they were going to have any success. I thought the field position battle was important.”

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Saints Postgame Quotes

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st thomas 09-19-2011 08:17 PM

theres no blinking with kasey, solid as ever

homerj07 09-19-2011 09:10 PM

Devery was in the slot & their "D" did not pick it up - Drew sure as hell did!!

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