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Why the Colts QB?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; CLEARLY!!! we need a little smiley face guy who pukes....

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Why the Colts QB?


we need a little smiley face guy who pukes.
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Why the Colts QB?

You\'re an obnoxious JERK and where to you get off telling someone what to post?
Not sure he was telling anyone how to post, but he has just as much right to post how he feels about a certain subject as you do to respond thousands of times to the same subject, or am I wrong?
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Why the Colts QB?

BnB, you\'re so smart.
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Why the Colts QB?

How did the subject get so far removed from why the Colts QB was drawn into the Brooks/ Delhomme debate?
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Why the Colts QB?

Easily, jm. It\'s the natural cycle of this board. A topic will be beaten so seriously that the \"dead horse\" is turned to glue and then the insults start flying. It will continue to escalate until a moderator gets po\'d and quits over it and some member gets banned. Then everyone will calm down and apologize and swear that it will NEVER happen again [never being a period of time not to exceed 60 days]. And it wont...for a while. :casstet:

I\'ve been a somewhat faithful member of this board for over a year now and it has happened no less that 3 times in that span. I\'m not complaining, however. From time to time, threads like these contain some of the most interesting things being said here as well as some of the most entertaining!
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Why the Colts QB?

takes more than a QB to get to the super bowl...
It took more that a QB to win a playoff game in 2000 too... and yet...
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Why the Colts QB?

Hey Scotty, there\'s gotta be one of these every few years. It gets rid of the bad blood. You know it\'s been ten years since the last war? That\'s OK. You\'ll be off in Italy and we\'ll take the hell for it.

(That\'s the Godfather - Clemenza to Michael - for all of you poor souls who don\'t know that movie well enough to identify that quote).
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Why the Colts QB?

This thread has been LOCKED because of violations to the following forum rules:

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- No Personal attacks on other members: Arguments about the Saints are welcome, but when name calling and attacks are a part of your post, it will be deleted.

Members be warned this is not allowed, and bannings may be in order.
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