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papz 09-29-2011 05:14 PM

Coach Payton Meets the Press
Can you talk about the specific challenges Jack Del Rio’s defense will present this weekend?

“Here’s what we see on tape: they’ve improved dramatically in every area statistically, they’re doing a great job of keeping the ball in front of them. They were a team last year that was giving up a lot of big plays. This season they’re first in the NFL in regards to big plays allowed. They play the run very well. They’re strong in their front and you see a secondary that has really done a good job with their scheme. They’re playing with a lot of confidence and have played some good teams offensively already.

Can you talk about Gregg Williams’ familiarity with the Jaguars having been there three years ago?

“When I’m asked these questions about someone was there and now they’re here, generally it would be more personnel related. We see the scheme. In other words, it’s all on tape. There’s a different defensive coordinator who’s calling the defense this year than in years past. Offensively, there might be some more similarities but I think it would be more of a reference to what are the strengths and weaknesses of certain players, and three years removed, you guys know how rosters are, so it only would apply to some players.”

What do you see in Blaine Gabbert?

“He’s a big talented guy who was real successful in college and he’s making his transition after one start. The game last week is tough because of the conditions. He’s a guy that through the evaluation process I think everyone saw his skill set. He’s a guy that’s physical, he can make all the throws, and a guy that was well-thought of by a lot of teams heading into the draft.”

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Coach Payton Meets the Press

homerj07 09-30-2011 07:30 AM

I still want to know more about the injuries to the "O" line

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