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seraph33 01-22-2004 10:28 PM

Who would you draft if you were the Saints?
Ok just dreaming for myself but if the Saints could make a play for Eli Manning (if Eli looks to be the real deal after all the scouting is done) without giving up too much (alla R. Williams trade) then I would love nothing more than to see for the first time in my life see the Saints pick a QB in the 1st round as a franchise QB. I have been saying this for years (I am still envisioning Chad Pennington wearing #10 in New Orleans). Still I know there is about a zero shot of this happening.

So realistically our obvious top needs are CB and LB. Now I realize we really need some youth and fresh legs at CB but that's not necessarily wear I would go with the 1st pick. I'd have to take MLB Jonathan Vilma of Miami. The guy has all the tools and is what we need in our linebacking core. He looks like he has that Ray Lewis potential. His only knock is that he is kinda small but they said the same thing about Sam Mills. If he isn't there I think we still need to go LB, maybe D. Williams of Miami. If he isn't there then maybe CB Will Poole. Poole kinda scares me though b/c he hasn't been a starter for a full year. Still if we go CB in the first and pick up a starting lineback in round 2 (like T. Lehman or K. Dansby could slip). Still I just look at what the addition of a sideline to sideline MLB did for Green Bay (N. Barnett) and I salivate at what it would do for the Saints. Either way this is how our 1st 3 picks should go.

1. LB/CB
2a. CB/LB
2b. C/DT/T

WhoDat 01-22-2004 10:52 PM

Who would you draft if you were the Saints?
I can\'t answer the questions about the draft until I see what happens in free agency. I mean, if the Saints sign Shawn Springs and Charles Woodson in Free Agency than I don\'t think they need to draft a corner anymore. I know it\'s an extreme and unrealistic example, but I use it to prove a point. Focus on free agency gents. That\'s where we\'re going to find players that can make a difference for us NEXT season.

saintz08 01-23-2004 01:22 AM

Who would you draft if you were the Saints?

Is it more hype cuz he\'s a Manning or is he really a NUMBER 1 overall pick?
Eli is a very interesting prospect for sure . He has more arm then Peyton or Archie that is for sure . He is slightly less mobile in my opinion then either of them at this stage but his reads are faster then both of them . Put him behind a solid line with an average rusher and my guess would be Peyton who ??? He is gonna have to learn the tightness of gaps in the pro level , because he likes cutting it close but he has all the passes down .

If you are looking for the athletic Vick type at the helm , he is not your man . For some reason I keep seeing him as an extremely dangerous quarterback if he were in Denver .

It would be a great namesake acquistion for the Saints to get Eli and he has the talent , beside now that Delhomme is in Carolina , Brooks is never going to get a break from the fans or press so I would say make a way to get Eli .

Short of the trade :

!st round - top corner on the board
2nd round - ILB Richard Seigler
2nd round - OLB Micharl Boulware
3rd round - C Alex Stepanovich

WhoDat 01-23-2004 07:46 AM

Who would you draft if you were the Saints?
He is less mobile than Archie was - sure. But it is physically impossible to be less mobile than Peyton unless your feet are bolted to the ground. He scrambles more than Peyton.

saintfan 01-23-2004 08:11 AM

Who would you draft if you were the Saints?
Based on WhoDat\'s logic we could never afford Eli.

WhoDat 01-23-2004 02:16 PM

Who would you draft if you were the Saints?
Antagonize much?

whowatches 01-24-2004 10:49 AM

Who would you draft if you were the Saints?
Rod Davis, MLB, Southern Miss

I\'m a homer and would love to see him in a Saints uniform. We can probably pick him up in the second round.

I\'d like to see us use the first round pick for the best available defensive player.

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