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whowatches 01-24-2004 10:42 AM

(crawling to the keyboard holding stomach)

Pete Prisco... "hot" coordinators.... coaching candidates... is he insane?


Others to keep an eye on are Vikings offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, Cowboys assistant head coach Sean Payton, Cowboys offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon, Saints offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy, Rams offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild (maybe he will take over for Mike Martz), Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress and Colts defensive coordinator Ron Meeks. Young coaches to watch are Patriots defensive backs coach Eric Mangini, Bengals defensive backs coach Kevin Coyle and Eagles linebackers coach Ron Rivera, although he could go to the Jets or Bears as defensive coordinator.

Could someone forward this article to Al Davis? and white out all of the names other than McCarthy's?

codename47 01-24-2004 06:58 PM

well... 2 years ago, the Saints had the 2nd or 3rd highest scoring offense.
last year, the scoring was also pretty high..
what do you want McCarthy to do? He can draw and call all the plays he wants, but if:
a.- he can\'t get players to hold the line (or Haslett ships them out because they are \"cancers\") and has to put 2 TE\'s to hold a pocket
b.- receivers keep dropping balls that hit them in the hands
c.- the QB fumbles the ball when a strong breeze blows by..
what do you expect from the man?

ScottyRo 01-24-2004 07:42 PM

I expect him to NOT call for Deuce between the tackles EVERY single time we are in a 3rd&1 or 4th&1 situation. That\'d be nice! I\'d also like him to stop being so predictable the rest of the time and to make decent half time adjustments to either get ahead of the defense or stay ahead of the defense. He lacked seriously in these areas in 2003.

While I\'m on the subject of McCarthy...I\'d like to see him move into the booth if he\'s going to continue to call the plays so he can get a good look at the entire field and see what is really going on. Field level does not provide the best view of what is happening on the field. He doesn\'t seem to talk to players very much anyway so, why not?

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saintz08 01-24-2004 10:43 PM


Could someone forward this article to Al Davis? and white out all of the names other than McCarthy\'s?
Hey , let\'s hype him up on the Raider Nation site ......

Have to work on that tomorrow .... Need a cool Raider name .....

How about - Southern Raider ... :P

whowatches 01-25-2004 10:24 AM


How about - Southern Raider ...
Be careful... some of those California guys might get the wrong idea. ;)


well... 2 years ago, the Saints had the 2nd or 3rd highest scoring offense.
You are correct. Since then, I think defenses have figured out how to stop our offense when they need to. Predictability. I hope McCarthy continues to grow if he stays here.

Scotty, you may have a point. Wouldn\'t hurt to try it.

WhoDat 01-25-2004 01:54 PM

Our offense did trail off some this season, but I bet we\'ve averaged somewhere in the range of 20 to 24 points a game over the last two seasons. That\'s pretty good for a team that has probably averaged 15 points a game for the 10 years prior to that. I\'m not real happy with McCarthy\'s play calling this season. I got on him a lot about it on this board, but I would still say that he is the best coach we\'ve got on the team. There\'s no way that the offense could have been as good this year as it was last year. It\'s nearly impossible to keep that up. The offense has continued to get better each year. On the flip side, Haslett and Venturi have made the defense WORSE every single season until this one. And when your defense was 27th in the league last year, it\'s hard to get worse, especially when you spend the 5th most money available under the cap on rebuilding a defense. McCarthy is the best coach on our team right now, and the offense will be explosive again next season.

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