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papz 10-02-2011 07:21 PM

Saints Postgame Quotes
(on red zone woes) “No, we weren’t very efficient, but we had three instances where we got inside the 20 and just couldn’t convert. We’ll continue to work on that. I’m confident that when we bear down and work on it, we’ll get results. If you would have told us before the game you’re going to have 500 yards total offense and will be better than 50 percent on third down, I would have said that’s 40 points. Unfortunately, we got inside the 20 three times in the second half and didn’t come away with touchdowns. That’s disappointing, but I feel like we’ve proven we can move the ball. So we just have to score more touchdowns.

(on Jimmy Graham) He continues to get better every week. Today, he got rolling. We liked his matchup, a lot of zone coverage for the most part. There were a couple of big plays, the one down the middle in the fourth quarter and the wheel down the sideline toward the end of the game. He came up with some big catches at some big times. We targeted him 14 times today and he caught 10. I’ll throw it to that guy as much as he can catch and score touchdowns. He knows we expect a lot out of him and he expects a lot out of himself too. He’s always asking questions to learn more about the position, the game, this route and that route. He wants to be a great player in the league and he loves football.”

(on Darren Sproles) “He can do so many things. He was our leading rusher today and had fewest number of carries and most yards. You just want to get the ball into that guy’s hands because he can do some exciting stuff. Everybody in the stadium holds their breath when he gets it because it could be a touchdown.”

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Saints Postgame Quotes

homerj07 10-02-2011 08:39 PM

ANother great article - thanks for posting it!!

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