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Saintswrath 10-02-2011 07:30 PM

Hate the fact ATfaiL pulled it off? Hold ya heads up.
They needed this win to get ready for a tough stretch..

Up next they have RED HOT Packers team coming back to their Home to finish what they started, and they show no signs of having a Superbowl Hang over, Saints came within a Point of beating them and that was with a couple of Key players missing and both or Defenses starting off slow and not enough time on the clock to get one last one in. I don't think ATL is going to have any such luck..

Then they have to deal with Cam Newton lead Panthers, they gave Bears everything they could handle today, the Same Bears team that Ran over ATfail.

Then they go TOO Detroit to face the Lions who are currently 4-0 and have figured out a way to win.. This is actually a great matchup for Atlanta, both teams are actually kind of identical, except Lions are actually winning with their clone.

Then they go to Bye and out to a Desperate Colts, they might pull that one off..
-Well they will need to in order to have momentum with Saints coming into the Ga Dome..

The Saints pretty much own Atlanta at their home and if the right Saints team show up that day Failcons will be out-matched, otherwise they might defend their dome in a close one.

Down the rest of the stretch they have no let off with Titans, Vikings, Houston and Carolina all fighting for Playoff Positioning at that point, and this is before they play their last 2 games against Division Rivals.

homerj07 10-02-2011 08:34 PM

I was really rooting for Seattle to pull that ione out today - so damn close!!

Saintswrath 10-02-2011 08:59 PM

I was looking for Seattle to pull it off, would have been so sweet, there is some good though, by Seattle playing them so close and exploiting everything they had to offer even with the win the Failcon fans are feeling unsettled with their team and feel they can't compete with the best..
They let a crappy QB, a Horrible Offense and Defense light them up, Seattle just didn't have enough fire power to kick one more Field Goal to steal the game away.

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