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saintz08 01-27-2004 09:25 AM

Took this off another site from today :

That scenario is looking good too some .... ;)

Unconfirmed: ESPN Radio reports Saints trying to trade with S.D. for their #1 pick?
I was told by a friennd that ESPN radio reported this moring that the Saints and Chargers are in talks about the cost of trading for S.D.'s #1 pick, and that these talks are said to include Arron Brooks. Not trying to shock post, just trying to confirm that this is what ESPN Radio reported. Anybody else hear this?

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saintz08 01-27-2004 09:33 AM

From the Chargers boards , they are looking to trade down and not develop another rookie quarterback in San Diego .

Would any of you guys consider trading down with Arizona (swapping 1st rd picks with the bolts picking up an zona\'s 2nd and 6th)
Then trading out of the aquired 1st to move down again to any team in the top 15 (no lower) in the 1st rd?
and at the same time picking up an additional 3rd rd pick.

This would allow the bolts to select the best DE
1st round--
Will Smith DE 6\'3, 260 Ohio St.
The best DT avail.

2nd round
(a) Nate Dorsey OT 6\'6,330 Georgia Tech
(b) Dontarius Thomas LB 6\'3,238 Auburn

3rd round
(a) Anttaji Hawthorne DT 6\'3, 305 Wisconsin
(b) Chris Kemoeatu OG 6\'4, 340 Utah

4th round
- Nate Kaeding PK 6\'0, 185 Iowa

5th round
- Jason Peters TE 6\'5 320 Arkansas (Huge RunBlker)

6th round
(a) Jammal Brown OT 6\'5, 310 Oklahoma
(b) Tony Bua LB/S 5\'11, 210 Arkansas

7th round
-Best defensive player avialable

BillyC 01-27-2004 09:48 AM

Hey 08, why do you post rumors by member\'s of other boards? This is completly false information!! It is against NFL rules to even discuss trading picks right now!!

Why is this allowed to go on here???

BrooksMustGo 01-27-2004 09:54 AM

I\'ve seen the rumor on other message boards, but I haven\'t seen anything that makes me believe Haslett has come to his senses yet.

I want to believe that Christmas is coming though. :cool:

saintz08 01-27-2004 10:08 AM


Hey 08, why do you post rumors by member\'s of other boards?
BrooksMustGo and I were working this trade scenario , months ago on a previous thread .

BEAT called it the spin .

Well it has spun to some other boards ..... ;)

Funny how the Delhomme conspiracy theory , has gone national ...... ;)

BillyC 01-27-2004 10:44 AM

08 -- I could care less when members post their opinions. But, posting rumors from other message boards is ridiculous.

First of all you are posting messages by a member from another board WITHOUT his permission. Second, you DID NOT provide a link. Third, isn\'t that against the rules of this board.

Fourth: When a post starts out:


I was told by a friennd that ESPN radio reported this moring
It has no credibility, why post it?

My mama\'s friends ,cousins, uncle who works at the beauty shop told me that his blah, blah, blah!!


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