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BlackandBlue 01-28-2004 11:51 AM

I'm hearing rumors from more than one source that are stating that the Saints initial free agent target this offseason will be Ian Gold. Has anyone else heard this or something similar? I have a few friends from Louisiana that I normally talk Saints football with, and they both mentioned it to me, without actually talking to each other, which raises the red flag for me.
This is strictly on the rumor mill, so take it for that, all I'm looking for is proof, which is why I came here. Do not let this spread wildfire over the various websites, because right now it is a rumor, and should be treated as such.

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JOESAM2002 01-28-2004 04:46 PM

Sorry B&B, but i\'ve looked at all my usual sites where I get my info and I can\'t find anything on this. I\'ll try to keep looking for you and see what I can come up with.

GoldenTomb 01-28-2004 06:22 PM


I don\'t know how much credence you can put into this, but these guys seem to buy the Ian Gold idea.

BlackandBlue 01-28-2004 06:27 PM


Don\'t worry about it. Found out on my commute home tonight that they both got their information indirectly from the same source, and knowing that source, it\'s most likely vapor.


Interesting site, do you know any background on the people that run it?

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GoldenTomb 01-28-2004 06:40 PM


Nope....I was just surfing the net on any NFL draft stuff and they came up. When I heard you mention Ian Gold, I remembered about this site and brought it up.

ami2kind4words 01-28-2004 10:07 PM


They also say that we will lose Darren Howard to the seahawk. I can\'t find the logic in that assumption cuz we are 22.6 million under the cap and the seahawks are 11.6 million under. They also haven\'t even signed Randall Godfrey, Darrell Jackson and Walter Jones yet.

GoldenTomb 01-28-2004 11:14 PM

Well ok....I just brought up the site because i remembered it mentioning Ian Gold, since he\'s the subject of this topic. I didn\'t say that I necessarily endorse it.

ami2kind4words 01-29-2004 12:59 AM


I am sorry. I didn\'t mean for what I type to look like I was coming down on you. Thanks for the link.

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