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10 Things wrong with our defense.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by G504 NO TURNOVERS. Our Superbowl year, we could count on at least 1 a game, and at least one going to the house every other game. I mean, let's face it, we don't get picks in '09, ...

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Originally Posted by G504 View Post
NO TURNOVERS. Our Superbowl year, we could count on at least 1 a game, and at least one going to the house every other game. I mean, let's face it, we don't get picks in '09, we lose a lot of games, including the Superbowl. We probably would have still won the NFCC because even if we didn't get any interceptions, Favre would have some how still thrown one.
Didn't get turnovers last year either, but we still managed to have a pretty solid defense. Don't get what is different from last year to this year but there should be jobs on the line if this crap doesn't get better like now.
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How much time do you have??
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When the defense doesn't get a chance to catch their breath.... it's hard to look good on defense.

Hear me out.
if Drew and the offense was scoring on each or every other possesion; then the defense is mentally pumped up.

With the offense going 3 and out or turning the ball over as soon as they step on the field; the mental toughness goes out the window.

I place the blame of the loss soley on the offense. Drew was off, most of the offense was off. Our defense is noting to win a game for us, this year. They just aren't that strong.

Now, they had their bad (for some reason the word "bad" just doesn't seem to be a good enough word) I think we will be fine.

I do agree with Euph. I place the defensive play, blame, square on GW. This defense and defensive scheme is not working. AT ALL.

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Originally Posted by papz View Post
Jenkins looked terrible in coverage. He's playing like a strong safety...
Named Harper?

Couldn't resist...
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You guys don't understand how much harder it is when your coordinator blitzes the front 6-7 and the QB is just lala'ing in the pocket throwing bullets.

We play defense like blackjack, our only problem is, we bust more than we get 21.
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What we've learned so far this season is...

Offensive line took huge hits with the losses of Stinchcomb and Goodwin...

Greg Williams is a streaky Defensive Coordinator with great sound bites...

Denial about the linebacker corps is catching up to the Saints...

We have not drafted impact first round talent in several years...

And the Saints need to start getting younger as their division rivals have...

Sean Payton is the Heart and Soul of the New Orleans Saints...
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Our defense is simply not very good. On every level. We are bound to give up a 100 yard rusher every week. We make every QB, regardless of talent look like Tom Brady. The OFFENSE is what wins us games more time than not. And they had a bad game. Our offense bails the defense out every week. We needed the defense today and of course no help. Tampa didnt play that well we just played bad.....
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Also, I watch average teams and hope that we had a defense like them. I mean most teams can stop the run. We cant! I cringe when I see a team hand off the ball.....Hell I cringe when I see them drop back for a pass. We give up too many big plays. And we cant do that on the road.
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JP, you make some very good points. I was thinking the same thing about our first round picks the last couple years. While we've done well in the mid and late rounds we have missed out on opportunities to draft impact players early in the draft. Will Smith was a decent 1st round pick in 04 but you really have to go back to 01 to find the last time we hit on a first round pick when we drafted Deuce.

Your point about the organization being in denial about our LB's is also very true. I went back and found the last time we drafted a LB in the first round was 1995. It seems that every year we say we need a LB and for whatever reason we don't draft them. So we're stuck with old, washed up LB's.

Losing SP from the sidelines was huge. I said it in the chat that they looked sluggish once he went out and it carried through the entire game.

GW playcalling has been real bad but without quality players on the field it doesn't matter what play is being called. There isn't one guy on our defense that I would be upset if they left. We have zero impact players on the defensive side of the ball and you see it in the number of takeaways.

At the end of the day, we are still 4-2 and tied for first in the division. There's only 1 real good team in the NFL so there's no doubt in my mind this team can make some noise if we just do the little things. Hopefully this game will serve as a wake up call and we come back as a better team.
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Detroit, 49ers, Bills, Patriots, Packers........ In our current state of affairs, i dont think we would beat any one of these teams. Already lost to the packers as it is. If this defense doesnt figure out how to stop people, im sorry guys but play offs maybe, superbowl? I dont think so.
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