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I Got Nothing

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Well really, we can thank the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals. They won the World Series, and decided to come pump up the Rams. We didnt really grasp it from tv, but the (whatever the dumbass corporate butt-plug sponsor name is) ...

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Well really, we can thank the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals. They won the World Series, and decided to come pump up the Rams.

We didnt really grasp it from tv, but the (whatever the dumbass corporate
butt-plug sponsor name is) Ugly Dome was all pumped up, with everybody jumping around, blahblahblahblahblahblah... seriously, they were all --- like us for the Falcons game pumped up....

They could have beaten Pittsburgh yesterday.

we're fine.

we're just gonna have to pack the thermal drawers now.
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Originally Posted by pherein View Post
Im not sure what game you were watching Mav, but you keep saying this. They are the #32 offense in the NFL and drove down the field from the 3 yrd line for 3 pts, wasting time. We could not stop the run game. We could not cover there receivers. We were out coached on defense. We could not defend the red zone from the worst offense in the NFL. We pressured one of the worst OL barley. Our D could hardly get them off the field.
The only thing they did was a 7pt fumble by vilma.
Im pretty sure GB won't make that mistake. Our D looked bad again today.
The problem is defense . They waste time , keeping these teams on the field and they can't stop even the Rams from scoring in the Red zone. They waste clock time, killing rhythm and the offense always has to bail them out.

Our offense is playing well #1 and had a bad game, our defense is ranked at the bottom of the NFL #25 , wake up man.
Nothing meant by it but shesh,..... our D sucks, I mean EVERY Stat site in the world can't be wrong, they suck right now.
Like I posted before this game , GW needs to fix this.. immediately , its a very serious problem.
Nope. Yes our D is bad but no way can you blame this loss entirely on the D. Our #1 offense was shutout in the first half! It was 3-0 with under 2 minutes left in the first half and the offense and special teams gave the Rams the ball on the 13 and 40 yard line in less than 2 minutes. Why did we only run the ball 7 times in the first half when the Rams gave up 250 yards rushing to a rookie RB last week? Why didn't we go to no huddle to slow down the Rams? We were out coached and I'll give Carmichael a mulligan being this was only his second game to call plays but you can't go from scoring 55 points one week to 14 points the next with the #1 offense. You've got to be able to make corrections during the game. Yes the OL was bad but where was the separation from the WRs? Good lord the Rams DBs are bad yet we couldn't get separation. 36 yr old Al Harris looked like he was in his 20's. Other than Lance Moore I don't think any of our WR can run a route. We also need better communication on the OL, Jimmy Graham helps to chip a DE but he chips him to the inside and Brown is set up to block him to the outside so all Graham accomplished was helping the DE get around Brown faster to the inside. We basically just played like crap. We put this game in the win column before we left NOLA for St. Louis and got our butts handed to us. We can play better than this we just need to wake up.

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Im BACK!!!!!
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I'm still blaming the Cardinals.
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Originally Posted by skymike View Post
I'm still blaming the Cardinals.
Yep! Rangers got us beat. It's all their fault.
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Fluke or Fail? TBD Sunday in the Dome.
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I think the Saints will have plenty to talk about today.. They got handled bad yesterday,I'd like to be a fly on the wall when they show up this morning.
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I agree their is some truth to the cards being to blame. They were fired up and the fans were electric.

Rams D played awesome. I can't take anything away or discount them by saying our O sucked. Maybe a bad day but our O doesn't have many of those. Our D on the other hand has had their man card taken away since the Seattle game and well.... hasn't got it back yet.
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Ok, my take.....for whatever it's worth. Yep, I agree that the hoopla around the Cards seemed to leach over to the "Scams." I'm sure they could not help but feel the electricity. I think we NEED our coach on the sidelines...his energy, his input, and everything he brings to the table. He needs to get back down there A.S.A.P!!! 4 out of the last 5 games have been played "on the road", and without home crowd support. That, too, is a downer. Where was Lance the first half? Isn't he like Drew's fav receiver? And maybe it was just me, but I didn't see him. Wondering if SP has been maybe saving him, and pretty much HAD to put him in the second half? And I know I'm gonna hear all kinds of "crappola" for saying this, but did you really WATCH Jackson and Long? I mean, these guys were operating at "Super-Human" level. Jackson was busting holes in places that were virtually impossible to bust holes in. I'm thinking a little "random" steroid testing might be in order here. Lots of players do it, and I'm betting they were "tired" of losing. Obviously I don't know this for a fact, but I would not be the least bit surprised. Just sayin!!!
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I agree Joanie Jackson is on roids...
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Steven Jackson plays with emotion and fire and frankly I wish he was on our team.
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