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thefaniw 02-05-2004 11:05 AM

Defense Beware!!!!!
In the modern day of free agency, a lot of things can change, but lets take a look at what we will be facing next season.

Atlanta (Vick And Company) Twice.

Carolina (Jake, Davis and Friends) Twice.

Tampa Bay (Gruden Will Strike Again) Twice.

San Francisco (T.O.).

Seattle (Alexander).

Denver (Portis).

Kansas City (Preist, Tony and crew.),

Minnesota (Moss, Culpepper, Bennet and Amigos).

Arizona (Dennis Green at head coach: therefore players will follow).

St. Louis (Marshall, Holt and the Gang),

Oakland (Fitzgerald).

San Diego (Ladanian and Eli).

Dallas (Don't worry, Parcells will fix their problem at running Back. Can you say Corey Dillon?)

If we dont sure up this defense, especially the run defense. We could easily go 4 and 12. And If Brooks comes in with the same type of atttitude/performances, we could easily go 1-15. Easily. !!!!

Things could get real ugly next season.

We better make power moves in free agency and the draft and the 36 milliondollarman better bring his $hi+++ to the table.

BlackandBlue 02-05-2004 11:27 AM

Defense Beware!!!!!
T.O. won\'t be in San Fran next year.

saintz08 02-05-2004 01:08 PM

Defense Beware!!!!!
Looking for Atlanta to feed off of the Bucs and 49ers in free agancy .......

Sapp in Atlanta ??

T.O. fits the offense , but Mora jr. might have a bad taste in his mouth from before.

IMHO : Howard a falcon ...... :(

Thinking Falcons are going to build heavy in free agency .

WhoDat 02-05-2004 02:05 PM

Defense Beware!!!!!
I\'m thinking the Falcons are going to be good either way.

4-12?? Possible? Yes. Likely, no. Too much talent. I look for the Saints to add a 2nd tier CB and LB (b/c they NEVER do anything 1st tier). After that, I hope we keep Howard and find another DT. Myabe Craver comes around or Fahkir keeps developing in the defensive backfield. Hopefully, whomever we get in FA at LB steps it up. Give me a player in the middle with Rodgers and Smith/Grant in the other OLB spot and we\'ll be OK.

billybignuts 02-05-2004 03:56 PM

Defense Beware!!!!!
These are the newest salary cap figures I could find:

I just dont see how the Falcons can be a huge player in the free agency market. I believe Sapp will end up in Baltimore and Owens will end up with the Eagles or the Skins.

saintz08 02-05-2004 05:47 PM

Defense Beware!!!!!

I just dont see how the Falcons can be a huge player in the free agency market.
When a defensive minded Head Coach takes over a team that was dead last in total defense last year , aint no one safe on that side of the ball .....

Cap room is really not the question , the question will be the body count .... :P

Atlanta could trade 1/2 of the defense on draft day and I would not bat an eye .

saintz08 02-05-2004 05:55 PM

Defense Beware!!!!!

Give me a player in the middle
Pooof a player in the middle


Contract talks break off with Pro Bowler Wilson

HONOLULU - A contract agreement between the Broncos and Al Wilson was so close the middle linebacker\'s agent flew to Denver recently to finalize the deal.

Then talks broke down. Now they are down and out. And with no talks scheduled, Wilson said he does not intend to sign with the Broncos before free agency kicks off March 3.

\"I don\'t think it\'s going to get done; I\'ll be honest with you,\" Wilson said after Wednesday\'s Pro Bowl practice. \"I don\'t. I\'ve just gotten that feeling. I\'ve been to the Pro Bowl the last three years, and we haven\'t gotten done anything yet.

\"We just haven\'t been able to come to an agreement - bottom line. We\'re here, they\'re there, and we just can\'t find that midway point to meet. It isn\'t any big deal to me, man. I\'m going to play ball somewhere. I know that I\'m going to be successful playing for somebody. If it is in Denver next year, cool. If it\'s not, I\'m going to make it happen somewhere else.\",...936607,00.html

BrooksMustGo 02-05-2004 06:32 PM

Defense Beware!!!!!
This is a no-brainer, break the bank on this guy.

Wilson could be one of 2-3 big FA pick-ups this offseason and would allow us to take a sensible draft strategy instead of forcing every new pick to be a starter and picking strictly based on need.

Wilson and Sapp or Wilson and Bryant would give us a LOT of freedom on draft day.

[Edited on 6/2/2004 by BrooksMustGo]

BlackandBlue 02-05-2004 06:45 PM

Defense Beware!!!!!
Poof, franchised.

I\'m currently looking over their list of unrestricted free agents, and Wilson and Gold\'s names are the only two that stand out, and Wilson is worth alot more than Gold. I\'d be happy as hell, but am skeptical. Who knows, they did try to make a play for Milloy.

saintz08 02-05-2004 07:22 PM

Defense Beware!!!!!

Poof, franchised.
See what happens when you provide a link .

Poof he gets franchised .

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