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Drew leads the league in INTs

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Brees did throw a wobbly duck against the Rams....but Jimmy Graham needs to be able to read and become a defender a little. You can't let someone post up on you and wait on an interception. Take the penalty if ...

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Threaded by voodude
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Brees did throw a wobbly duck against the Rams....but Jimmy Graham needs to be able to read and become a defender a little. You can't let someone post up on you and wait on an interception. Take the penalty if you have to. He doesn't help at all and definitely gave up on the pick 6.
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Damn need make better decisions
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Let's look at what the Rams did to beat us, and there is your answer. Anyone remember how many passing yards they had? Not above 200. We got beat with Marty ball.....
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I agree...take away the pass..rush four? run the ball..we really blew our game plan....I mean the Lambs have the worst run D in the league..and we didn't take advantage of it..The Rams played with our heads..they knew we wouldn't run ..so dropped in a soft zone and gave Drew nada....

I think this is direct result of Payton not being involved in the game planning enough ..now G.W knew we would get a healthy dose of Jackson..and still blitzed the crap out of em...we were over pursuing most of the game....and the Rams just took what we gave em..We are starting to get predictable on O and D..
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No secret there, Payton has an affinity to pass. I thought for sure getting Ingram and Sproles was a clear sign he was going to turn the corner. They are getting some yards but he's too eager to quit on it. If he wants to do that fine but get Brees better protection. If we can't get a run game established or Brees help it's going to be more of the same the rest of the way.
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I also feel we are getting predictable on offense and defense, teams change schemes and game plans all the time, we don't every game. Look at the greatest show on turf it worked for a while, then everyone caught on, We don't have bad coaches,players, or anything else, I hope it's not a percentage thing being played also, this aint Vegas it's football.
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We need to learn how to run from different looks. When we run everybody can see the formation and know a run is coming. We need to be able to run from a 3 wide set or shotgun and maybe even throw a pass to a TE from a tight 2 back formation just to keep the defenses guessing. We basically telegraph our plays from our formation and personnel.
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Dallas crushed the Rams by running on them. In the first quarter on Sunday it seemed we only ran on 2nd and long. Then we come out in the second half and run Ivory 3 times right away????

oh, and Graham has been responsible for 4-5 picks this year. In the Houston game he broke off a route, and twice he has tipped it up for a defender to grab.
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I saw this posted, but couldn't believe it so I had to look it up.

Rushing attempts per game - Saints 16th
Rushing yards per attempt - Saints 13th

Is anyone else a bit surprised by that?
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Originally Posted by Halo View Post
We have 2 glaring weaknesses:

1) Offensive line has some weakness, including depth at center as of a few weeks ago;

2) Our defense is weak on the run and does not put pressure on the QB.

If our mixed young/veteran line could put pressure on the QB, our DB's wouldn't look EXPOSED

If our o-line had depth and solid upgrades at tackle, Brees wouldn't be throwing INT, the hurries would grow less and sacks wouldn't be an issue.

Which brings me to the next question: Do we spend our last free agency dime on the biggest contract ever for Drew? Or do we weigh our options and beef up key positions and hope Drew takes the same pay on an extension?

Goes to my question from the lockout: Just how much is enough?

I'm the first to say that Drew deserves everything he gets, in many ways he is far more deserving of "The Highest Paid Player" moniker than just about anyone who's ever held that title, but he's a smart guy. He's already made (and will continue to make regardless of the value of his next contract) a LOT of money. Does he want to win or does he want to cash even bigger checks?

Time will tell, and I know which way I hope he goes, but honestly I won't hold it against him regardless. Without Drew Brees we don't have our lone championship, so in many ways he's worth a king's ransom, even for past performances...but I do hope he sees the bigger picture.

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