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BrooksMustGo 02-13-2004 07:49 PM

Give Dr. Z some love


MIKE PATRICK, PAUL MAGUIRE and JOE THEISMANN, ESPN -- Down a star from last year. A similar drop in '04 and they'll owe me half of one. listening to this trio is like: It's like sitting in a sports bar and trying to watch a game, and right near you are a bunch of noisy drunks. Hey, will you guys pipe down? I'm trying to watch a game. It's third-and-17. "There ARE no plays for third-and-17," Maguire says, and everybody agrees. "See, they just don't have any. There simply aren't any. No plays for third-and-17. They've never drawn up a play for third-and-17." OK, OK already. No plays for third-and-17. Mind if I watch the game? Why did I drop them a star? Because last year Theismann tried to at least add a semblance of sanity to the show, but now he's given up. First half of the Baltimore-Tennessee wild-card game. Theismann is comparing Chris Brown's running style with that of Eddie George. "Chris Brown is completely different from George." Then in the second half, "I see a lot of Eddie George in Brown," Maguire says. Then there's the usual shameful puffing of Ray Lewis. "Don't come this way again," and all that. Meanwhile Tennessee keeps running for big yardage. How about a word about a Titans O-linemen? Are you kidding? This is ESPN. Hype Central. Project! Have fun! Make noise! Just take it down to the other end of the bar, would you, please?
Dr. Z ranked these clowns at a half star for the year. He's dead on, they are terrible. Having to listen to these yahoos call the shellacking that the Colts put on us this season just added insult to injury.

Cadillac 02-14-2004 08:55 AM

Give Dr. Z some love
They make it hard to watch a football game. I can\'t stand how whenever anyone makes a tackle, lets say for example Ray Lewis, Paul has to say \"And then Ray lewis says, not in my house! Get that out of here!\" or something else ridiculous like that. No Paul. He didn\'t say that. No one runs around the field yelling \"not in my house.\"

Al Michaels is my favorite by far, but John Madden is pretty bad. I thnk that still might be my favorite team though.

whowatches 02-14-2004 09:34 AM

Give Dr. Z some love
Although I\'m not a huge fan of Dr. Z, I am glad he started rating the commentators. I agree that the overall quality has taken a plunge over the last couple of seasons.

He\'s much nicer than I would be in his analysis of the Sunday night crew. I would love to listen to Hodge, Jaworski and Kolber call a game. No way for them to do that without giving up their duties on the Edge, I guess (which I agree is one of the best football shows on the tube).

I would also put Sims and Gumbel right there with McQuire and Co. The husband-wife bickering banter between those two is disturbing at the very least (get a room!). Listening to Sims destroy the English language throughout the course of the Superbowl was a treat. CBS has, in my opinion, the absolute worst commentators and pre-game show. The fact that these two are the A team pretty much solidifies that fact.

Caddy, I agree with you on Michaels. He is crisp and professional -- a nice contrast to the often rambling Madden. I\'m kinda sentimental when it comes to the big guy, but I\'ll admit that the only thing he\'s really added to the game in the last five years or so is a great video game franchise.

I\'d have to say that my favorite team... ugh... is the Fox A team. I say that begrudgingly because I absolutely hate Joe Buck about ninety percent of the time. Like Z mentioned, I would love to listen to Aikman and Collinsworth alone in the booth. Probably won\'t happen.

As far as pre-game shows go, I loved ESPN pre-Irvin. Can\'t stand listening to him yell and defend whiney players. Tom Jackson looks like he wants to takle him most of the time. Now that would be a pre-game show. I miss Sterling Sharpe.

Next year, I might switch back to Fox. What do you guys watch?

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