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pakowitz 11-14-2002 12:04 PM

maddens view on saints-falcons II
New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

These teams just played almost three weeks ago, with Atlanta winning the game on a late field goal. What I've found is that when two teams play each other, and they're in the same division, and they play back-to-back this closely, the second meeting doesn't go like the first one did. I'm not saying that the same team won't win, but I am saying that it's not the same type of game because teams change their game plans. The things you thought you could do going into that last game, you found out that you couldn't do, so you do something else. In other words, this is how they're playing us, so instead of doing that, we're going to do this. Usually your approach to the game on both teams and on both sides of the ball is totally different. One game is not an extension of the last game, when two teams play each other again.

Before last Sunday's tie with Pittsburgh, the Falcons' defense had been playing very well and they have to get back to that in this game because New Orleans has a heckuva offense, with a lot of speed and a very good quarterback in Aaron Brooks.

With Brooks and Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick, you have two guys who can be very, very hot and really play well. Sometimes they can also not be as hot, but they've been mostly hot this season.

This is an NFC South game and that division has been a real surprise to me. The Saints are so much better than they were last season, and the Falcons have done a lot of good things on offense and defense. Of course Tampa Bay is Tampa Bay, which means it is always pretty good, and even Carolina got off to a good start before losing some games.

pakowitz 11-14-2002 01:47 PM

maddens view on saints-falcons II

daviddrake2 11-14-2002 03:02 PM

maddens view on saints-falcons II
You have to excuse John. You know he doesn\'t always perform (or speak) up to expectations when he\'s only had a lite breakfast on the road.

His innards wuz still growlin since he\'d only et a 6 lb. slab of bakon, 2 duzin fried eggs, 18 buttermilk biskits with milk gravee and haf a gallon of grits.

Ask him what he thinks again after lunch.

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