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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by mighty12 Some people have quickly forgotten about our defense from 2006 through 2008. Williams is fine and better than the alternative. We aren't to far off from having the D from those days... that is why there ...

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Originally Posted by mighty12 View Post
Some people have quickly forgotten about our defense from 2006 through 2008. Williams is fine and better than the alternative.
We aren't to far off from having the D from those days... that is why there is some serous concern here. GW isn't getting the job done.

We but 11 guys out there and hope we only need one good maybe 2 good stops in order to win a game.
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The game was gut-wrenching at the time but on further review the result is W for the Saints, L for the Failcons. If we go 2-14 and sweep the Failcons I'm good although another SB would be kinda cool too. We can get all these things this year.
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I think that the defense played pretty good yesterday. They seemed to wear down towards the end of regulation but they did fine yesterday.

I think that some of you forget that the other team has good players too. The Saints aren't going to whip up on teams often because of parity. Parity is one of the many reasons that this is the best sport on the planet.
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Defense made some big stops yesterday and was playing hard.

It does get frustrating watching Williams blitz over and over and over and it only forcing hurries not sacks. It feels like I'm bankrolling a high-risk crap shooter.
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Originally Posted by neugey View Post
Defense made some big stops yesterday and was playing hard.

It does get frustrating watching Williams blitz over and over and over and it only forcing hurries not sacks. It feels like I'm bankrolling a high-risk crap shooter.

I know ..but that did cause Meg to miss throws most of the game...he got a lot of garbage in the prevent..thats what i hate when you have a team on the ropes..backing off..
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If we tackled it would help, if we stop playing that stupid prevent D that would help, I like the pressure we had yesterday with the blitzing, not a lot of extra time for Ryan. Our D-players are not bad but they miss to many tackles period. I don't know if there is a NFL stat. for missed tackles, if it is I bet we lead the league, that pi$$'s me off about this team more than anything, we don't blow coverage, we are always in good position to make tackles, no team really man handles us. We just don't tackle, we might as well be playing flag football, and as much as I love G.W. I blame him, he is the D-coach and if he wont put a foot in his players a$$, Payton needs to put a foot in his. No excuses...
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Just because we sucked with Gibbs doesn't mean we should settle for being slightly better.
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I look at it like this, we won the game, without our best defensive force in Vilma, and that says alot. My biggest problem, I guess, is that our D-line still seems asleep. Jordan, I think NOW, is going to be a great player in the next few years. Sedrick is solid also, but Smith, Franklin, and Rogers all seem to be content with mediocrity.... We NEED to address Dline in the draft, and FA, in the off season.
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Originally Posted by Boutte View Post
We won a huge game Sunday and people are still *****ing about play calling on both offense and defense. What's the matter with these people? Nothing. Even though we're 7-3 and lead the division by 2 games there is still a lot that needs to be fixed.

We showed a lot of heart by hanging tough against a good team that is very tough to beat in their stadium so I don't want to sound too negative but our defense is soft. We practically gift wrap 3rd downs conversion and we can't get a turn over to save our life. On offense we struggle to run the ball when we NEED to.

In some ways this game was more about the Falcons choking than it was about us playing great football. The idiotic decision to go for it on 4th down on their own 30 was the difference in the game. Roddy White was our MVP yesterday, dropping game winning passes and committing stupid fouls at crucial times in the game.

Parity is good thing for NFL fans but it also means that there really aren't any great teams anymore (with the possible exception of G.B.). It seems that the secret to success now is to be exceptional in one phase of the game. With all the rule changes it's almost impossible to be great on defense. Luckily for us we have Sean Payton who is a genius when it comes to what matters most in todays NFL, passing. Of course if he didn't have Drew Brees our opinion of him might be a lot different. Put those two together and we have one the great passing teams ever. But because of that we are going to be mediocre and even poor in other phases of the game. With the salary cap you just can't have great talent on both sides of the ball.

Having said that, I don't think our talent on defense is as bad as it looks. We have some have good players on the D Line and and a very talented backfield. Yet the defense is lousy. That falls squarely on the head of Gregg Williams. How can you leave the middle of the field wide open on third down time and time again? It's not a failure by the players, it's the scheme. And the scheme sucks.

The only thing that's keeping us from being a dominant team is Gregg Williams.
I agree. Of course I am happy we won, but it is hard for me to turn a blind eye to the blatant and obvious problems we have. I love this team and will watch every game and support them even if they never win another game. I want a Super Bowl. To me that is the whole point and what these guys are ultimately playing for. Yea we won, but I watch games and compare our players and our team to other playoff teams in the league. From what I have seen playing the kind of ball we did Sunday may be good enough to beat the Falcons but it is not good enough to beat teams like Green Bay, San Francisco, or possibly even the Giants. I watch this team hoping to see improvement in certain areas and to this point in the season I have not seen any. The offensive line continues to struggle run blocking and we flat out do not know how to tackle. Playcalling can be fixed, albeit it has not been, but you cannot fix the lack of fundamentals this team has.

Oh well, we are legitimate contenders and when we are on we can hang with any team in the league, IF we happen to get them when we are hitting on all cylinders. Could be worse.
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I actually think the defense played better then the offense. Saints only came away with 2 TD and had to settle for long field goals in which Kasey was spot on.

The D shut down J.Jones, Held turner under 100 yards rushing, White only had 4 catches. The D forced a turnover. While they only recorded one sack , they held Atlanta to 5 of 16 on third down. They played very well in the red Zone holding the falcons to 6 points in the first half.

The falcons are better then there record shows and we beat them on there turf.

The only team that looks amazing is the Packers. All the teams are struggling this year. 49ers are playing well. You cant honestly say you see more improvement on other teams unless you watch every game ever week.
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