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BrooksMustGo 02-17-2004 05:57 PM

Combine Tomorrow
Ok everyone,
Who wants to make some predictions?
Who will be this year's workout warrior?
Who will emerge from no-where as a top talent at their position?
Who won't work out at all?
Who becomes this year's biggest hype-monster?
Who has the fastest 40 time and makes it to the top of Haslett's draft board? :P

saintz08 02-18-2004 01:13 AM

Combine Tomorrow
As the combine is about to start , let\'s answer a frequently asked question .

The Wonderlic test . What is it and what are some comparisons .

It\'s the intelligence test that NFL teams rely on to help them decide on which players they\'re going to dump tuna boats full of $100 bills. Every player at the scouting combine takes the test, which lasts 12 minutes and consists of 50 questions, each harder than the one before it.

Only one person in 100,000 scores a perfect 50. The only NFL player to do it was former Cincinnati Bengals punter and Harvard grad Pat McInally, which explains why he chose to be a punter and not, say, a punt returner.

The average score for an NFL prospect is 19. The average score overall -- hundreds of corporations use the Wonderlic -- is 21.

Teams aren\'t supposed to release the scores, but they\'re usually leaked anyway. Among quarterbacks Brian Griese is said to have scored a 39, Drew Bledsoe 37, Steve Young 33, John Elway 30, Troy Aikman 29, Cade McNown 28, Mark Brunell 22, Tim Couch 22, Trent Dilfer 22, Brett Favre 22, Daunte Culpepper 21, Vinny Testaverde 18, Dan Marino 16, Randall Cunningham 15 and Jeff George 10. Anytime your Wonderlic approaches your cleat size, it\'s not good.

For those curious minds , Aaron Brooks score 17 .

Tulane quarterback J.P. Losman\'s score 40 .

[Edited on 18/2/2004 by saintz08]

WhoDat 02-18-2004 03:33 PM

Combine Tomorrow
So you\'re saying AB scored below average (both NFL and real-world) on an intelligence test? C\'mon! Get outta here. Really?!?! He seems like such a smart quarterback to me.

subguy 02-19-2004 08:51 PM

Combine Tomorrow
Per chance some tongue in cheek WhoDat?

WhoDat 02-20-2004 09:14 AM

Combine Tomorrow
Me? NO!

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