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BrooksMustGo 02-17-2004 08:04 PM

The 08 Theory is Viable

Another bit of pre-draft conventional wisdom that has surfaced quickly is that the Chargers are again looking to deal out of the No. 1 spot for the same reason they shipped the rights to the Michael Vick pick to Atlanta three years ago: The Ghost of Ryan Leaf.

Six years have gone by since the Leaf debacle (he was the No. 2 pick in 1998), and the theory holds that San Diego still can't bring itself to pull the trigger on another franchise quarterback, who would be Manning in this case. Add in the fact that it's still widely believed that the Alex Spanos family doesn't want to shell out the bucks that it would take to land a quarterback at No. 1.

The top of the draft is high-stakes poker, and nobody's going to show all their cards more than two months out. But for what it's worth, Chargers general manager A.J. Smith shoots down the anybody-but-a-quarterback-at-No. 1 scenario.

"I've heard that for a long, long time,'' Smith said this week. "I wasn't even here during the Leaf era. Our ownership was. But I can tell you this, we are open-minded to anything, whether it's using the first selection on a quarterback or getting one in free agency. If it's a first-spot quarterback, so be it. The past will not have an impact on the pick.''

That said, Smith went on to make it rather clear that the Chargers would love to stay involved in the pursuit of Mark Brunell, should the Jacksonville veteran quarterback wind up being released by the Jaguars before March 1.

Smith said the Jaguars asked all teams that were interested in Brunell to make an opening trade offer in order to stay involved in the process. "That's the way they wanted to approach it,'' Smith said. "Miami made an offer but was told it was not acceptable. We chose not to. We decided to wait and see if we have a chance in free agency to get him. Unless we had permission to first explore everything involved, we weren't going to make an offer.''

Smith said he believes Washington's offer for Brunell is currently a third-round pick, but that the Redskins are willing to improve it to a second-rounder. Miami doesn't have a second-round pick, so its offer is thought to have been a No. 3. Smith is skeptical that the Jaguars will be willing to pay Brunell the $2 million bonus they owe him March 1, in order to retain the ability to trade him once the trading period opens March 3.

"That's the avenue we're looking at, exploring our options at quarterback in free agency,'' Smith said. "We still think we have a chance to get [Brunell] if he's released. But right now we don't know what's going on with Washington and Jacksonville because we're not involved.''
I think Joe Gibbs gets Brunnell if that's who he wants.

Brunnell to Washington is going to leave San Diego in the lurch. At that point, Kurt Warner is going to be in play. With Kelly Holcomb recovering from shoulder surgery, I don't see Tim Couch going anywhere. I can't see the Chargers taking a shot on Kordell Stewart either. Drew Henson is appealling, but I don't think the Chargers have any more time to let him develop than they would for Eli.

Brunnell to Washington instantly puts Schottenheimer on the hot seat and puts San Diego under the gun to resolve their QB issue. I think the only reasonable move for us is to float the Brooks to the Chargers possibility during the combine this week. However, we need to play our cards close so as not to give the impression that we want to dump Brooks, but that we'd be interested in a trade that nets Eli for us. We need to let the word out and offer the Chargers a sort of lifeline. With Landanian, Brooks will be an average sort of QB and probably gets the Chargers back to .500 and save Marty's job. The fans in San Diego will make the same rationalizations that Saints fans have been making for Brooks for 3-4 years and by that time, Eli has us in the Superbowl.

saintz08 02-18-2004 01:24 AM

The 08 Theory is Viable
Scenario looks good to me .... ;)

Got this hair tingling on the back of my neck sensation , Drew Henson is a Miami Dolphin next year ...... :o

Seems to fit ......

BrooksMustGo 02-18-2004 08:28 AM

The 08 Theory is Viable

Chargers\' draft dilemma
Even though Mark Brunell is likely to go to Washington for a third-round choice next month, the Chargers are hoping Brunell becomes a free agent and they won\'t have to draft a quarterback with the No. 1 pick. It\'s the Chargers\' history to shy away from quarterbacks at the top of the draft. In 1983, the Chargers could have gotten John Elway in a trade with the Baltimore Colts, for the Chargers\' three first-round picks. In 2001, they traded the chance to draft Vick to Atlanta. Their one attempt to take a quarterback by trading up to the second pick failed when Ryan Leaf turned into a bust after three seasons.
08\'s magic 8 ball must be reading, \"All signs point to yes\".
We have simply got to move on a trade with the Chargers. It\'s time for the Saints to be bold, to take some chances, to stop playing it safe and managing for mediocrity.

saintz08 02-18-2004 09:36 AM

The 08 Theory is Viable
Redskins | Steps Away From Acquiring Jaguars\' Brunell - from
Tue, 17 Feb 2004 21:04:31 -0800

Updating ongoing reports, Pete Prisco, of, reports Jacksonville Jaguars QB Mark Brunell is only a few minor details away from agreeing to a contract extension with the Washington Redskins that would clear the way for a trade to be completed between the two teams. \"We\'ve had some good discussions in the past few days and it\'s looking like it could get done,\" Brunell said. \"When and if it gets done, I look forward to playing for the Redskins and owner Dan Snyder and coach Joe Gibbs.\" The contract is believed to be a seven-year deal – not the three-year agreement that had been speculated earlier. In exchange for Brunell, the Jaguars would reportedly receive a third-round pick in this year\'s draft. The trade cannot be made official until March 3.

The Brunell deal is now a formality , Chargers are on the clock .

Spanos needs something other then a rookie to even look good to the Los Angeles market .

SFinAustin 02-18-2004 09:36 AM

The 08 Theory is Viable
Sorry to break up the little circle-jerk but not only is this scenario highly unlikely (Brooks trade), it\'s built purely out of fantasy and makes no sense. To each his own though...

saintz08 02-18-2004 11:11 AM

The 08 Theory is Viable
That little itch was telling me something after all :

Brunell, Henson might have deals

By Alex Marvez
Staff Writer
Posted February 18 2004

The Dolphins appear to have lost out on the bidding for one quarterback and may be headed toward that same fate with another. reported Tuesday night that Washington is \"a few minor [trade] details away\" from acquiring Jacksonville quarterback Mark Brunell for a 2004 third-round draft choice. Brunell, who had received significant interest from the Dolphins, is expected to then sign a seven-year contract extension.

\"We\'ve had some good discussions in the past few days and it\'s looking like it could get done,\" Brunell told CBSSportsline. \"When and if it gets done, I look forward to playing for the Redskins.\"

The Houston Chronicle reported in today\'s editions that the Houston Texans have received what the franchise deemed acceptable trade parameters from an unidentified team for quarterback Drew Henson. An NFL source said the Dolphins had not made that offer.

While the parameters don\'t mean a trade is imminent or that Houston won\'t be speaking with other teams, the franchise that made the offer will now be allowed to entertain Henson on a visit. The Texans were unwilling to grant that permission to teams that weren\'t willing to offer adequate compensation for Henson, a former blue-chip quarterback at the University of Michigan who has spent the past two seasons playing in the New York Yankees\' farm system.

The Dolphins could get back in the mix by making a trade offer to the Texans for Henson, who is expected to have a significant say in where he is dealt. The Dolphins are also expected to now strongly pursue a trade with the Redskins for quarterback Patrick Ramsey, who may try to force his way off Washington\'s roster with Brunell becoming the new starter.

BrooksMustGo 02-18-2004 04:33 PM

The 08 Theory is Viable

Sorry to break up the little circle-jerk but not only is this scenario highly unlikely (Brooks trade), it\'s built purely out of fantasy and makes no sense. To each his own though...
In other news...
There was a pouring rain on Endymion tonight, totally ruining one of the best presentations of the carnival season.

saintfan 02-18-2004 05:05 PM

The 08 Theory is Viable
Yeah, this theory is \"Viable\"

Webster\'s New World Dictionary:
Viable -- adj -- sufficiently developed to be able to live outside the uterus.

That defintion is oddly accurate eh? LOL

Now whether or not it\'s \"likely\" is a whole other issue, which makes \"viable\" a much better choice of words for this thread...a nice choice indeed! ;)

Danno 02-18-2004 08:05 PM

The 08 Theory is Viable
The 08 theory is moronic. It would be more believable that little black helicopters beamed mind control waves upon Haz and company rendering them totally in control of anti-saint little green aliens from Uranus.

BrooksMustGo 02-18-2004 08:43 PM

The 08 Theory is Viable

little black helicopters beamed mind control waves upon Haz and company rendering them totally in control
Maybe if someone were in control of Haslett\'s alleged \"mind\" maybe he\'d knock off calling those goofy 2 pointers all the time and learn how to call a ball game.

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