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JKool 02-20-2004 01:38 AM

Ok, this has been discussed some, but it is time to open up a thread for it.

What do you think the Saints should be willing to trade for Champ? Keep in mind it is pretty open, from players to draft picks. You play the GM.

I'm not sure what I think yet, so I am excited to hear some thoughts on this.

Boogro 02-20-2004 02:08 AM

Honestly, I\'d rather pick up two corners in free agency. Charles Woodson is a really good player and put a Fernando Bryant, Antoine Winfield, Ahmed Plummer, or Shawn Springs with him and we would have a good secondary. Maybe, then trade up to get a playmaker like Sean Taylor. just my opinion

WhoDat 02-20-2004 10:20 AM

I hate to be the REALIST AGAIN, but if Charles Woodson is being considered, I wouldn\'t consider much more than that in Free Agency. A guy with that kind of talent and name would cost us so much that you\'d end up with another Ruff and Ambrose type supporting cast.

Give me Al Wilson, a Bryant/Winfield/maybe Springs type player, a first round DT, and a second round CB and I\'m happy. Anything beyond that is gravy.

saintfan 02-20-2004 10:39 AM

Oh my GOD I agree with Whodat! :o

Quick, somebody do something...anything. :P

Danno 02-20-2004 11:15 AM

That wasn\'t whodat. I know because I also agree 100%.
Big time free-agents are always way overpaid. It puts the other starters\' quality at risk.

Gimme a Bryant or a Winfield and draft one, and re-sign Carter cheap as insurance.

I\'d love Woodson but not at the cost of low-tier players everywhere else.

ami2kind4words 02-20-2004 03:22 PM

I agree with Whodat to a certain degree. First round the saints should go after LB. Al Wilson will be a great addition but a olb like Williams and Kansby could help plug the holes better than a DT coming out of this draft. The saints should go after a DT through free agency.

rAge 02-20-2004 04:17 PM

When was the last time you guys seen Charles Woodson play? He has been getting burned regularly for the past two seasons. He may be the most over-rated corner in the league. And seeing Fernando Bryant\'s name in the same line as Winfield is just bother-some. Winfield is a top corner, Bryant is nothing more than an average #2.

Seems to me that most of you are basing your opinions off names and not actual talent.

Al Wilson is getting franchised, anyway. That was reported today. I think we should be going after someone like Jon Vilma in round one, not Dansby (who, IMO, is going to be a bust) or any of these half-ass corners (strait, gamble, hall...I dont think any will turn out as a true #1 corner).

BlackandBlue 02-20-2004 06:18 PM


Winfield is a top corner
Slow down, turbo. Winfield lacks the size to be a top corner. Sorry, but size does matter. He\'s the same height as Fred Thomas, only not as heavy. And we all know that the only thing that is keeping Fred from being a top corner in this league is his size, cause his heart is made of gold. Winfield, like Thomas, will never be anything more than a good #2.
But everything else you said has been right on. Most people are calling for Williams in the first, and while I wouldn\'t be opposed to that, I would prefer Vilma in the first, and wait on the OLB in the 2nd. Vilma is the real deal at MLB, and there are more opportunities at OLB than MLB, both in free agency and the draft.

rAge 02-20-2004 09:08 PM

Height usually matters at corner but I think Winfield has showed time and time again that he can over-come in. He\'s not a #2 corner now, and he won\'t be on his new team. He may not beable to shut down every WR, but he will at least cut their production in half. Not to mention, he may be the best corner against the run in the entire NFL (and, regardless of what people think, we need help against the run more than anything else). The guy also rarely ever misses a tackle...something else we could really use. He may not be the best cover corner in the world (altho he is damn good), but as an over-all player, he is great.

He\'s not going to be tagged, which means we won\'t have to give up any draft picks to get him...which means we can get more help (Jon Vilma!). Right now, I would rather have him than any of the other corners that will become FA\'s (with Champ & McAlister both being franchised, I think he is the next best corner out there anyway)

ami2kind4words 02-20-2004 10:36 PM

Ok, plain and simple, the saint don\'t need another corner under 5\'10. If you haven\'t notice this division have too many WR over 6\'2. Winfield is a good CB that can cover WR but saints need a CB that can produce turnover.

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