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My No Trade Mock (Full of 08-like substance)

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Ok guys, this is my first attempt at a mock draft. I projected no trades. That's kind of why it looks a bit....unconventional. Feel free to fire away at it, but remember that only 32 players are drafted in the ...

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My No Trade Mock (Full of 08-like substance)

Ok guys, this is my first attempt at a mock draft.
I projected no trades. That's kind of why it looks a bit....unconventional.

Feel free to fire away at it, but remember that only 32 players are drafted in the first round. I may get around to putting one together full of trade projections, I just didn't have the interest in working through all those angles tonight.

Oh and if you're going to gritch about how stupid it is, please post your own mock.

2004 No-Trade Mock Draft

1. Chargers— Robert Gallery—OT—Iowa—The Chargers won’t get good QB play from anyone until they can protect the signal caller. There are no free agent tackles available that will be worth the cost. Gallery reminds us that they are still playing Martyball in San Diego.
2. Raiders— Larry Fitzgerald—WR—Pitt—Norv is going to want a receiver to play opposite Joey Porter in the worst way. Fitzgerald’s press is only going to get bigger as draft day approaches. I will add that it’s impossible to predict Al Davis though.
3. Cardinals— Kenechi Udeze—DE—USC—When Green says he’s going to start Josh McCown, I believe him. He always did well with interchangeable QB’s in Minnesota and with no pass rush, the Cardinals get killed in the NFC West.
4. Giants— Shawn Andrews—OT—Arkansas—This is a reach and could change depending on Andrews workouts, but I think Coughlin follows the Boselli model of building a team. The G-men have crappy line play.
5. Redskins— Kevin Jones—RB—Virginia Tech—Gibbs has got to actually have a running game this year. I think Jones and Jackson are basically a coin flip, so Gibbs picks the kid that the fans have been watching on Saturdays all season.
6. Lions— Roy Williams—WR—Texas—Hakeem has been a bust. Williams brings all the positives of Terrell Owens with better hands and team oriented attitude. Rogers and Williams on either side make Joey Harrington weep for joy on draft day. Williams would be attractive here and might be the better receiver, but after dealing with TO, Mooch decides on the sure thing.
7. Falcons— Chris Gamble—CB—Ohio State—Mora will want a secondary. I could also see the Falcons make a move for Plummer in free agency, in which case I’d say Mora goes for a DT or a guard.
8. Browns— Kellen Winslow Jr.—TE—Miami—Butch Davis goes for a big, fast, sure handed mismatch for Couch/Holcomb to throw to.
9. Jaguars— Mike Williams—WR—USC—With Jimmy Smith getting no younger, Del Rio picks up the best physical specimen at WR in this draft. They could go with a DE at this point.
10. Texans— Sean Taylor—S—Miami—Simply too good to pass up at #10. They need a DE in the worst way, but they won’t let Taylor fall.
11. Steelers— Eli Manning—QB—Ole Miss—No way Eli falls this far, but remember, I’m making the no-trades mock draft today. Bill Cowher instantly gets a contract extension for this pick.
12. Jets— Jonathan Vilma—MLB—Miami—The Jets could take a WR here, but this a strong draft class at WR and Vilma is the best and only MLB available.
13. Bills— Reggie Williams—WR—Washington—Drew Bledsoe gets a new lease on life with a big, fast, sure handed receiver. Josh Reed goes back to playing the slot. Roethlisberger could go here as well. Just seems like a wideout would be the best value.
14. Bears— Tommie Harris—DT—Oklahoma—How can Harris fall to #14? Not likely, but the Bears draft a guy sure to draw the double team in the middle.
15. Bucs— Ben Roethlisberger—QB—Miami (OH)—Again, no way this guy falls to #15. I’m betting that Gruden picks up Garner in free agency, but finds his franchise QB in Roethlisberger. Chris Sims jumps off a bridge. Gruden works magic with Roethlisberger.
16. 49rs— Michael Clayton—WR—LSU—A run on WR’s begins here. Erikson has to replace TO and Rattay will have to have a target.
17. Bengals— Vince Wilfork—DT—Miami—Marvin Lewis takes a guy who could turn out to be a premier 2 gap player with some discipline. Lewis has discipline to spare. Wilfork becomes a run stuffing menace.
18. Saints— DeAngelo Hall—CB—Virginia Tech—Haslett takes a shot on kind of a project player. Saints fans are shocked to see a first round corner taken.
19. Vikings— Will Poole—CB—USC—Tice chooses Poole over Robinson on character concerns. He only wants one Randy Moss at a time and needs some pass defense if the Vikings hope to beat the Packers for the division.
20. Dolphins— RaShaun Woods—WR—Oklahoma St—The Dolphins win the Henson derby and pick a great route runner for him to throw too. Without a 2nd round pick, the ‘fins can’t ignore the receiver position. May not be this player, but write it down, they ARE taking a WR.
21. Patriots (f. Ravens)— Steven Jackson—RB—Oregon St—The Pats finally draft a franchise RB. Too good to pass up, too critical a need. The Pats get even more scary with a real ground game.
22. Cowboys— Will Smith—DE—Ohio State—Parcells makes a tough defense that much tougher. I can’t see Parcells taking Clarett this high. Staley in free agency could be a possibility.
23. Seahawks— Darrion Scott—DE—Ohio State—The Seahawks get tougher against the run. Scott might end up being a better pro that Smith.
24. Broncos— Dunta Robinson—CB—South Carolina—Shanahan starts working on pass defense in a pass happy division.
25. Packers— Antwan Odom—DE--Alabama—The smart thing is to draft Brett Favre’s heir apparent. Every year, mock drafts project a QB of the future. Every year, the Packers do something else. This year is no different. The Packers try to find a solution to their yearly DE problem, courtesy of Joe Johnson.
26. Rams— Ben Troupe—TE—Florida—This is truly a shot in the dark. I’ve given up trying to figure out how Martz drafts. It’s as good as guess as any.
27. Titans— Randy Starks—DT—Maryland—Simply too good to pass up. This seems like a team that is on the decline. They need help in too many places. I would have put Jacob Rogers from USC here, but I think the Titans are gun shy about injury prone players.
28. Eagles— Marquise Hill—DE—LSU—Reid needs a WR in the worst way, but this draft has a rush on them. The Eagles decide to try and replace Hugh Douglas. A CB could be attractive here too. Any receiver will probably be a reach, I bet that Donovan persuades T.O. to sign on the dotted line in free agency.
29. Colts— Karlos Dansby—LB—Auburn—Fast linebacker. Sounds like a perfect fit in a Dungy defense. Derrick Strait would also be a great pick here.
30. Chiefs— Derrick Strait—CB—Oklahoma—The Chiefs simply must have some pass defense. Strait fits the bill and is a steal at this point in the draft.
31. Panthers— Vernon Carey—OG—Miami—Not a critical need for the Panthers. But with Lance Donnelly retiring and the best corners and receivers gone, a ferocious offensive lineman will make the world easier for Delhomme and Davis next season.
32. Patriots— Ricardo Colcough—CB—Tusculum—This is probably too high for this guy. My other guess would be Ahmad Carroll (CB, Arkansas) here. A DT is not out of the question.
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My No Trade Mock (Full of 08-like substance)

In one thread you have the Saints trading away their starting QB and 37 picks to move to the number one spot and draft Eli. Then, here you have the guy falling to number11?!?!?! The guy doesn\'t make it out of the top 3.
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My No Trade Mock (Full of 08-like substance)

Do we get the Georgia player in the second round then ???
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