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pakowitz 02-27-2004 01:19 PM

VT All-American Center enjoys nasty reputation
INDIANAPOLIS -- Had he been clutching the steering wheel of a tractor instead of a microphone, decked out in threadbare coveralls instead of the standard-issue combine T-shirt that identified him simply as "OL-02," then perhaps Virginia Tech center Jake Grove might have been a little more comfortable during his media session here.

Jake Grove was a first-team All-American last season.
But don't count on it.

Rated as the best snapper in the 2004 draft class, Grove proved to be one of the snappiest interview subjects as well, espousing on a fairly wide range of subjects football-related and otherwise with the same ease and down-home mien which usually accompanies him when he walks the fields of his family's Forest, Va., farm.

Then again, none of the reporters gathered around Grove on Thursday morning offered even a hint of a cross word, nothing with the potential to set him off, nary a syllable that might have unleashed what Virginia Tech tailback Kevin Jones called "the nasty side" of the Hokies star center.

And, apparently, the collective prudence of the inquisitors was a good thing

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ive watched this guy for a few years, and i think he would be a super addition to our line, he has a nasty football attitude, just like LeCharles Bentley and he plays a position on our team we are in need of securing what do you guys think?

BrooksMustGo 02-27-2004 04:55 PM

VT All-American Center enjoys nasty reputation
I think he would be a good pick up, he could really finish off giving us a very solid interior line for the next several years.

I\'m not sure he gets to us at the 1st pick of the 2nd round and even if he did, I\'m not sure that we should take him there. My initial reaction is to try and pick up either a CB or LB--depending on which we take in round 1. I wouldn\'t be angry about this pick though.

rAge 02-27-2004 09:20 PM

VT All-American Center enjoys nasty reputation
IF we will all other holes through FA, and draft Vilma in round one, then I could consider drafting him in the 2nd round. Otherwise, we have much bigger things to worry about. Center\'s are not that important and we could easily slide Jacox over there and start Holland at LG.

whowatches 02-28-2004 08:47 AM

VT All-American Center enjoys nasty reputation
This guy sounds like a stud, but I agree that we have other holes to fill. If we are going to address the offensive line, then we should address the tackle position. We have young talent at the interior positions. It would be nice if we could find Gandy\'s eventual replacement in the later rounds of the draft (pipe dream).

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