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pakowitz 02-27-2004 01:59 PM

a wise man once said....
i got this quote from the super saints weekly that is posted on the home page of this site, this is one of the best things ive read about the clarrett situation with the nfl by a real fan

here it is....

In response to Psycho's view on the Clarett situation, I agree 100%. There are so many arguments of why college players should wait 3 years, it makes the one argument to put them in the league seemed insignificant. The NFL is the only sport that publishes a day to day injury report. Baseball and basketball don't have that report updated so often because they are not a highly physical contact sport. If the government will allow college kids to play pro football, then one can argue to let a good middle school player play high school football. If you interpret the law as it has been interpreted in the Clarett case, legally you couldn't prevent 6th and 7th graders from trying out for the high school team. You will see injuries increase among these college players. On top of that, you have to
account for the resentment that older NFL players may have towards the younger kids getting paid a lot quicker than they did. This too could increase injuries since those young players would have a target on their backs. Stepping away from the injury aspect of the game, let’s take a look at the quality of the game. Even NBA fans will tell you the quality of play in the NBA is less than outstanding. All you have to do is see the ratings to back up that statement. Some of that can be attributed to all the young players allowed in to the league. The talent has been watered down. Young players aren't the only reason, but allowing them to enter the league right out of high school for big money sends a negative message to players, that message being, you, an individual, are the league. That message translates to players not going to practice, disrespecting coaches, not putting in 100% effort if they don't feel like it, or being the entire team. Players are scoring 50 plus points not because they are that good, it's because they are taking that many shots with the ball. The "me" mentality has the made the game about money. If you get into the league out of high school, you get headlines. You get shoe deals. You get paid. Being the best at what you do isn't even part of the equation. The quality of play has dropped so far, that serious players from Europe are taking over the game. Guys that can play as a team can beat the individual. Even the Olympic teams are not the dominating forces they should be. How about the future of these young men? It is my understanding that once you enter the draft, you are not eligible for college football any more. What happens to the less talented players that believe they are pro material? If they don't get drafted, their college game is over. Scholarships are lost. Their education could suffer. They would have to
pay their own way to college, delaying their education. Players that could develop into great players will instead leave college as good players to enter the draft. They may not cut it, and we may never see their level of greatness. The number of college players they played 3 or even 4 years can't comprehend the NFL game for 2 -5 years. How long will it take a high school kid to comprehend? A high percentage may be out of the NFL and never get a chance to develop their skills to compete. I've seen plenty of high school kids think they could rule the college game, only to find out they have average talent when they step on the college field. Now those same kids will step on a pro field. The NFL has put in policies to keep the game at a high level. The 3 year rule, like the tough drug policies, keeps the game great. Their tough drug policy has kept drugs from ruining the game like it has baseball. Men are beating records in baseball; drugs are breaking records that have stood for years. The NFL records are getting beat by men with heart. Sure, there are drugs in the NFL; there are in any sport, but the tough policies have kept it from ruining the game. The 3 year rule is along those same lines, it keeps the sport from becoming cheap. I think this issue should be re-visited by those that have the power to make it right. If they truly want to help the kids in the sport of football, do them a favor and keep them in college for 3 years. Do the fans a favor too and keep the quality of play from slipping. I don't want to see the NFA where every game looks like a preseason game. – Michael M.

thank you michael, its good to see a real fans opinion on this topic

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