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ScottyRo 03-03-2004 05:10 PM

The Longest Day?
I've been on a couple different boards and noticed many fans from several teams complaining about their teams' inactivity today. I must admit I am a little distressed by the lack of signings by the Saints today, but it got me to thinking about the past.

Anyone else remember how bad the offseason was before free agency began about 1993? Back then it seemed like it was going to be years before another game or before we'd get any good information on the team. Sure, we had the draft, but there's only so much a fan can get excited about before his team actually makes a selection.

All in all I'd say even after getting no real excitement out of the Saints today, things are a whole lot better than in the past.

That being said I'd just like to add:


deadflatbird 03-03-2004 05:49 PM

The Longest Day?
I don\'t think we have to jump and have a signing today... I don\'t mind waiting and I sure has hell don\'t won\'t to pay a lot for average players. We only have 3 maybe four positions we \'need\' to address. Upgrading at certain positions isn\'t going to happen... Hell I like our chances at filling needs in the draft due to the players that will be there with ou picks.

D_it_up 03-03-2004 06:04 PM

The Longest Day?
If we can get a couple of GOOD players at a couple of our NEED postitions, then I say go for it....Then the other need and upgradeable positions can be taken care of in the draft.....Don\'t rush into anything, Mickey, but sure as hell don\'t sit on your hands while the parade goes by you.

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