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SaintPauly 12-19-2011 11:32 PM

Saints versus Niners???
Well, we already have an idea, of how we match up against the Packers.... So what about the Niners? That defense was off the hook tonight... If we find ourselves up against them in the playoffs, where do we stand? Their secondary looked really good shutting down the Steelers recievers.......

pherein 12-19-2011 11:43 PM

Their defense was off the hook vs steelers, with out harrison. Even fully healthy Steelers do not have near the offense we do.
We have scored at least 20pt on the #1 defenses in the NFL , 2009 Jets, 2010 Steelers.
Saints offense is better than it was in those years. Graham upgrade from shockey, Sproles upgrade from Bush, RB core is almost insane.

We can put at least 24-28 points on that defense. I don't see their limited offense keeping up. GW has no problem game planing for Alex Smith, and SF OL is worse than GB's . They have no chance dosnt matter where we play them.

UK_WhoDat 12-20-2011 06:55 AM

49ers were .... um...... "tidy".

Tidy will not do it against a Saints team that does not cough the ball up.

homerj07 12-20-2011 07:41 AM

One of the few times EVER I root for the Steelers & they can't stop tripping over their own feet!!


pherein 12-20-2011 09:44 AM

Yeah, plus you have to consider Little Ben gave them 2 overthrow pic.s. The funny thing is N.O. could throw 4 interceptions and that SF offense will still only generate 12 pts.

halloween 65 12-20-2011 09:52 AM

We win, 49ers lose, they did not impress me at all.

Luda34 12-20-2011 11:02 AM

We spread out our WR and match up problem we cause with Graham and Sproles they would have a problems with use. Now on defense that damn Gore is a beast we would have to stop him and of course put pressure on Smith which didn't look to good to me last night. It would be a good game.

Budsdrinker 12-20-2011 11:03 AM

It will be hard to run on the 9ers but we can easily spread them out with 4 and 5 receiver sets and pick them apart. Steelers had open guys but Ben couldn't step into his throws and missed. That will not happen with Drew.

TheOak 12-20-2011 11:37 AM

The best player for SF last night was Roethlisberger.

AlaskaSaints 12-20-2011 12:02 PM

I was just about to ask if Roethlisberger would play for the 'Niners if we play them.

It was insanely stupid to play him the entire game last night. It reeked of DESPERATION. You owe it to your franchise to keep him healthy. Now, their QB corps is totally DEFLATED. It was a vote of NO confidence.


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