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BlackandBlue 03-04-2004 06:28 AM

F, F, F, F!!!!
F, F, F, F, F, F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Texans | Smith Agrees To Six-Year, $26.3M Deal - from
Wed, 3 Mar 2004 23:38:24 -0800

Jim Wyatt, of the Tennessean, reports the Houston Texans have agreed to terms with free agent DT Robaire Smith (Titans) on a six-year contract worth $26.3 million that includes an $8 million signing bonus.

BrooksMustGo 03-04-2004 07:26 AM

F, F, F, F!!!!
Maybe this is me being too negative....

With Smith gone, we might as well fold up the tents and go home. Free agency is over for us. We could have signed Smith for what the Texans paid him, and I don\'t see that as being overpaid.

So I guess we do what we always do--watch all the talent sign with other teams and wait for draft day. Looks like more of the same this year. :casstet: :casstet: :casstet: :casstet: :casstet: :casstet:

ami2kind4words 03-04-2004 01:04 PM

F, F, F, F!!!!
It is official Loomis is a stupid @$$ &ole. Oh where is Randy Mueller?????? Unless he is planning on coming out of the pocket to make a intelligent trade for Woodson, Loomis is a bust. I expect him to be working out a deal to sign Walt Harris Mario Edward & one of those old jets LB , that is what a dummy wil do.

BlackandBlue 03-04-2004 01:18 PM

F, F, F, F!!!!
Now-now, let\'s give credit where credit is due. You can\'t blame Loomis for the evaluation of talent, all he does is bring in the players that he\'s told to bring in. And I\'ve been impressed with how he structures the contracts so far. Look how much below the cap we\'ve been the past several years.

WhoDat 03-04-2004 01:57 PM

F, F, F, F!!!!
Maybe that\'s why we\'re still 5 players away from contention. Loomis hurts the team by being cheap - sometimes you\'ve gotta pay. Haslett kills the team with coaching and talent evaluation. Why sign Claiborne to a short-term deal to shore up the middle until the MLB you drafted can take over when you can sign Orlando Ruff to a one-year deal worth almost as much? Forget any of the good LBs. Same thing this year. Why sign Winfield when you can sign Juran Bolden? Why sign Ian Gold when you can get Dwayne Rudd?

BrooksMustGo 03-04-2004 02:00 PM

F, F, F, F!!!!
Maybe they\'re saving all that money to lock Eli in to a long term deal?

:D :D

WhoDat 03-04-2004 02:07 PM

F, F, F, F!!!!
BMG, you MUST support gay marriage! ;) Just kidding, just kidding. There\'s just so much man-love coming from your corner I\'m starting to feel like I went to instead of Boy I can\'t wait to see how you handle it when the Saints don\'t sign Eli. That\'s gonna be tough on you.

ami2kind4words 03-04-2004 02:39 PM

F, F, F, F!!!!
Maybe I can\'t totally blame him but he is the man in charge for now. Loomis shouldn\'t receive the credit for structure of contracts ( for past several years ) cuz he only been hired for a year.

BlackandBlue 03-04-2004 02:43 PM

F, F, F, F!!!!
Ummm, he took over for Mueller a few months short of two years ago.

ami2kind4words 03-04-2004 02:51 PM

F, F, F, F!!!!
I think you are wrong their partner cuz last year was his first ever draft. remember, Donte Stallworth, Charles Grant, Keyou Craver, Mel Mitchell, and J.T Sulivan was drafted by yours truly Randy Mueller 02\'. He was fired at the end of 02 and 03 season.

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