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BJSim 11-15-2002 09:20 PM

Vick calling Falcons fans for support news services

Michael Vick is fleet of foot on the field, and apparently he talks a good game off it, too.

According to a story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Vick has taped phone messages that have gone out to all Atlanta Falcons season ticketholders. The message?

"Hi, this is Mike Vick, quarterback of your Atlanta Falcons. As I'm sure you know, we've got a big game this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. We already beat them once in their house, and I'm sure my cousin (New Orleans quarterback) Aaron Brooks is going to be looking for revenge. That's why we need the 12th man out there making some noise at the Georgia Dome, cheering us on."

The newspaper says season ticketholders liked the message.

"I love it," said Tim Santelli, an Atlanta attorney. "It's great Mike wants to do this."

Falcons spokesman Aaron Salkin said Vick liked the idea.

"This," Salkin said, "might be one of the few unsolicited phone calls people don't mind getting."

BJSim 11-15-2002 09:22 PM

Vick calling Falcons fans for support
I don\'t know how I feel about this. Comments?

whodatsaintsfan26 11-15-2002 09:43 PM

Vick calling Falcons fans for support
Well let me tell you how I feel. If the Falcons are that worried about the Saints that they have their starting QB making messages for the fans instead of watching game tapes, then I see some fear. The defense will be a totally different one than they saw 3 weeks ago. Press coverage with the corners will close up some of those running lanes Vick saw last time. The scheme will confuse Vick like it did Ramsey and Vick will have a tough afternoon. The Georgia Dome is our house. Last year it was LSU winning in the Georgia Dome on Saturday and Duece breaking off his longest TD run of the season on Sunday. Duece loves to run against the Falcons and will have a huge day on sunday.

JOESAM2002 11-16-2002 01:29 AM

Vick calling Falcons fans for support
Again I have to agree with you Whodat. Do they really think Vick is that good at this point in his career? I\'m sure Dan Reeves knows he\'ll see a different defense Sunday. It\'s a great marketing ploy but why do you have your QB in some office on the phone talking to season ticket holders? Looks like they have NO respect for the Saints. I think I\'d have him watching film of last weeks game. I\'d love to see the Saints play the defensive game of the year this Sunday, just to see if Vick calls people next week too.

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