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pakowitz 11-17-2002 09:50 AM



by Eric Narcisse
lafayette advertiser

Enough is enough.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I couldn't care less that the New Orleans Saints are 7-2, because if they cant beat the Carolina Panthers convincingly, then they wont be able to beat Green Bay or Philadelphia in the playoffs anyway.

Its time for the Saints to start taking care of business by dominating teams that they should dominate, and on occasion even dominate teams that are better than them.

I dont think that the Atlanta Falcons are better than the Saints. In fact, i dont think they're worthy enough to even be in the same stadium as the Saints.

But then again, I felt the same way in the first meeting when they upset the Saints, 37-35

Sickening though, isnt it?

But whether fans want to believe it or not, the Saints are a much better team than the Falcons. Picking the Falcons over the Saints makes about as much sense as Cleveland drafting Tim Couch over Donovan McNabb.

We see how well that has panned out for the Browns.

I know Aaron Brookes is goin to make mistakes, so i enter every game expecting him to have that one dumb miscue. But if you think that Brooks is going to throw two interceptions again, and that Deuce McAllister is goin to fumble again, I have two words for you. GET REAL.

The only hope for the Falcons is that the same referees that called game one are there for game two, and that they continue to call back 56-yard touchdown runs by McAllister.

I will be the first to admit that Falcons' quarterback Michael Vick is Superman, but in round two, the Saints have his kryptonite in Dale Carter.

Not only will the Saints have Cater in the secondary, but they also will have rookie corner Keyuo Craver back.

Along with Carter and Craver, the Saints will have a healthy Charlie Clemons, who is coming off a solid performance against the Panthers.

The Saints know that the time is now for a statement game and against the Falcons, they will end it with and exclamation point.

PICK: Saints win 33-17

SaintStoneyMount 11-17-2002 04:00 PM


We got a defensive problem. Dale has got to do better. That stunk. The offense is out of sync. Special teams was not special. Terrible game. We may see them again. We need to get this together. Next week will be a statement game one way or the other. Who do we play next anyway. Llet me check.

pakowitz 11-17-2002 09:32 PM

well we have got our statement \"we played like ****\" and Atlanta got our victory, i , i dont even know what to say, i was disgusted today, we played like ****, im bout aggrivated, and its freakin 930 if we continue to play like this, we wont even make the playoffs, this sucks

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