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saintz08 03-07-2004 04:02 PM

T.O. to be declared free agent ??
It appears that Terrell Owens won't be the only party attempting to nullify the trade that sent him from the 49ers to the Baltimore Ravens.

The NFL Players Association plans to file what is known as a "special-master case" in the next few days to nix Thursday's trade and have Owens declared a free agent, union chief Gene Upshaw told The Washington Post for Sunday's editions.

Upshaw said Sunday he has informed Harold Henderson, the league's executive vice president for labor relations, of his intention to try to undo the Pro Bowl wide receiver's trade.

Upshaw and Henderson, who also serves as chairman of the NFL Management Council, were scheduled to meet Sunday, according to The Post.

Upshaw said that if the matter can't be resolved, the union will ask Stephen Burbank, who is in charge of settling disputes regarding the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, to have Owens' contract voided so he can be declared a free agent.

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whowatches 03-07-2004 06:58 PM

T.O. to be declared free agent ??
How incredibly weak.

Philadelphia fans must be so excited. I can\'t wait for him to join the Eagles, make it to the NFC championship game and lose. And then the next year, make it to the NFC Championship game and lose. And then the next year, make it to the ....

deadflatbird 03-08-2004 08:34 AM

T.O. to be declared free agent ??
This should not be allowed to happen. He is under contract and the contract was traded to the Ravens... he is Raven property. If he fails to show for physical the Ravens should decided to keep TO instead or send his ass back to 4whiners. Unless the 4whiners cut him he is not a FA. They simply shouldn\'t allow this to happen are what the hell do we need a draft or contracts for... just show up and play for whomever ya want, when ya want no big deal.

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