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WhoDat!656 12-31-2011 12:27 AM

Brady and Patriots waiting in shadows to take Brees' record Sunday.
Jump to 2:00 mark on video.

Halo 12-31-2011 12:35 AM

BTW - videos embed automatically now...

Pretty cool huh?

pumpkindriver 12-31-2011 01:40 AM

Yeah, real Kewl! Thx Halo

The Dude 12-31-2011 02:31 AM

Brady has to get 190 yds plus whatever Brees puts up this game. If Brees can manage 150 yds I would say his record is pretty safe. Either way he will always go down in history as the first to break it.

homerj07 12-31-2011 07:22 PM

I would like to see Drew get at least 250 yrds. Remember Brady did throw for 500+ yards the first game of the season

c4jun 12-31-2011 09:38 PM

If Brees get 300 plus yards the record is safe... Unless the Bills defense lets Brady go wild!

Jamessr 12-31-2011 11:43 PM

I don't see this being an issue.... Unless They decide to rest
Brees and that would kinda piss me off.

TheOak 01-01-2012 06:42 AM

First to break a record that has been broken many times is not something that will last in the memories of anyone but a Saints fan for more than a week or two.

If Brady ends the season with more yards I am going to have hear more of how he is the greatest QB that has ever lived. I will repeat what I put in an earlier thread.... F--k Tom Brady!

Brady is going up against the 15th ranked passing Defense, who is also 5th in interceptions...

Brees is going up against the 21st ranged Defense that is 19th in interceptions.

As long as we do not pull Drew out he will be fine...

Now Brady "could" conceivably come out if the Pats get enough lead on the Bills.... He is all they have for the postseason.

halloween 65 01-01-2012 09:28 AM

The media would love for Brady to get the record 1: he's not a Saint 2: he plays for a big market team in the north east 3: they would say that was fitting for a future hall of famer. 4: It's what we deserve because we were throwing so late in the Clowns game. I think Brady is a great qb. and he has thrown for a lot of yards this year, he has had to. But Brees is as great if not better and has put these # up in a much better way, he has'nt had to, this is just the way we play. No matter the outcome Brees broke the record in 15 games not 16. I hope Brees keeps it.....

OldMaid 01-01-2012 09:34 AM

Rec was broken. Brees did :bng: . Done. Brady is afterthought breaking Brees' rec.
No big whoop.
Recs are made to be broken, saying goes.
Fact is Brees broke Marino's.
I agree with halloween.

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