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iceshack149 03-08-2004 03:14 PM

What Cap?
Forgive me for posting an article that isn't directly related to the Saints organization. It's just slow in here and we've all touched on this subject recently so I thought I'd post it.

Searching for the salary cap
By Jason Whitlock
Page 2 columnist

Each year that Daniel Snyder owns the Washington Redskins, it becomes more difficult for me to believe in the NFL's "salary cap."

The Cap might as well be the Tooth Fairy, Bigfoot or The Loch Ness Monster. The Cap is widely discussed. Mature, intelligent men swear they see it on a daily basis. Some NFL fans believe their franchise has been swallowed whole by it. But I've never seen concrete proof that The Cap exists. And neither has Daniel Snyder.

Daniel Snyder had no problem paying big bucks for Clinton Portis.
He spends and spends each offseason, taunting and baiting this allegedly-lethal Cap. Snyder is the great Cap hunter. He's Captain Ahab in search of Moby Dick, and Wednesday's kickoff of the NFL's free-agency period means it's whaling season. Snyder, in hopes of luring The Cap, has dumped lots of blood in Washington's water.

Even with promising, second-year quarterback Patrick Ramsey already under contract, Snyder handed veteran Mark Brunell more than $40 million to lead Joe Gibbs' offense. Snyder traded for Denver running back Clinton Portis, sending Pro Bowl corner Champ Bailey to the Broncos. Portis, with three years left on his Denver contract, had no negotiating leverage. Still, Snyder made Portis the highest-paid running back in the game.

Seriously, where's The Cap?

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