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papz 01-04-2012 06:18 PM

Brees: "It Doesn’t Get Any Bigger Than This Saturday Night"
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So much has been made of how good you and the team is in play action. Can you talk about it and how happy you are to have that weapon in your arsenal?

“Typically the run game is what creates good play action. If you run the ball well, teams have to respect it. If you don’t, it’s going to be a long day and then your ability to run play action off of that, I think they just complement one another. The better you are at the play action, the better you are at the naked bootlegs and that kind of thing then the more opportunities that will open up in the run game. The combination of the two complement each other. Typically a great run game is what sets it up too.”

Even though you’ve run the ball successfully, people don’t consider you guys a run team. What do you do to make it work so well?

“Fundamentally there are certain things. You talk about your body language making it look like the run, the way you extend your hand out, the way you keep your off-hand closer to your belly. They’re not sure if the ball is in your hands or the running back’s hands. Timing. Timing of understanding when routes are going to open up down the field and being able to get a good pre-snap read, get your eyes back around, confirm what you saw pre-snap, see the adjustments being made and just be prepared for anything the defense is doing to you.”

It seems like you had four running backs all capable of doing different things. Now with Mark Ingram being placed on Injured Reserve, you have to feel very fortunate with the spot you were in last year that you have guys that are rolling. How fortunate do you feel about that?

“We feel real fortunate. Going into the last playoff game, we had quite a few backs on IR. We lost Julius (Jones) and Reggie (Bush) during the game. I’m not even sure if they would have been able to play in the next game.”

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Brees: "It Doesn

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