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jbutts 03-11-2004 10:49 PM

backup/future QB

does anyone object to taking a quaterback in the second round?
losman if he lasts or Like Mcown out of La tech or Phillip Rivers from wherever hes from,
just something else to kick around considering the displeasure many fans share about brooks.

i would think this way they could, dare i say, develop a QB before starting him, and release Brooks towards the end of his contract should he not improve or if he does trade the young gun to a team for a pick/player or two later on?
do you think that our needs are so pressing that the organization would be foolish to use a high pick on anything other than defense?

BrooksMustGo 03-11-2004 11:01 PM

backup/future QB
This organization needs to begin making plans for a new QB. I am highly in favor of drafting a QB in this spring\'s draft, but I want to draft one to be the franchise guy here. I would vote against Losman because he\'s Brooks with a work ethic.

The critical problem facing this franchise is that the 2005 season will force us to make a major increase in Brooks\' cap number. For a 7-9 kind of QB, I can\'t see us getting too excited about paying him $5 million a year against the cap. I\'m all in favor of trading him now, while his contract wouldn\'t overly punish the team taking him.

If we wait until round 2, I\'d probably take a shot on Cody Pickett who might turn into a Tom Brady type player or maybe Josh Harris, but I\'m not sold on either one. I haven\'t researched the smaller school guys coming out, might be a prospect there.

WhoDat 03-12-2004 01:17 PM

backup/future QB
I agree that the Saints should be considering someone else at QB. Like BMG said, Brooks\' cap numbers will get pretty bad. Haslett may not be here, and thus Brooks may not be either. As a GM, Loomis should consider that and find someone else. They had a great guy in Delhomme. They found a pretty good player in Bouman - but he is basically Delhomme, but older. That being said, I\'ve heard JT compared to a young Delhomme, so you never know.

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