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SaintStoneyMount 11-17-2002 04:17 PM

I think it\'s true that the game should have been opened up more. Mike has all the weapons but doesn\'t want to shoot the gun. Plus the play was sloppy especially on both lines. Too many penalties. Yes the refs called a bunch of Buffalobull ****znickskee but all the calls were not bad. We had a lot of bad plays. Aaron and Horn on the miscue was a dagger. We gotta get that killa instinct or we will be the prey down the line. First half was a killa due to poor offense.. That is a suprise. Turnovers killed us again. The defense played well in the first half. The touchdown pass was Buffalobull ****znickskee. Holding should have been called. The guy had our lineman by the shoulder pads from the back. Am I not understanding the holding rule someone help me out. If that is not holding, what is?
But, we can\'t do anything about the refs. The Saints got to play better. Gator you are right about the game calling. We need to open up the playbook and run. The defense played well in the first half and the offense rewarded them with a goose egg. Then Brooks poo poo\'d on them with an interception late in the game. If the offense score 4 field goals in the first it is a different show. I think the offense is still out of sync from the bye week.We may get another craked at the dunghole birds in the playoffs.

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pakowitz 11-17-2002 09:24 PM

bad calls and everything aside, we played like ****, and thats all i have to say

creole_t 11-17-2002 09:51 PM

Did you ever think that you would be checking the injury report so much for a rookie? Bentley was GREATLY missed today. Switching Spencer to guard hurt today. Brooks was under pressure for the first 3 quarters. He didn\'t have the luxury of time in the pocket to make decisions, when he did, we got 2 touchdowns. Our defense did a good job on Vick, but when we got burnt **** we got burnt! We WILL make the playoffs, and if we meet the dirty birds in the playoffs,... we will roll over them.


saintz08 11-18-2002 01:28 AM

The one variable that has gone unseen is perhaps the most important in playing the Falcons , Cousin Vick . Not in persay his talent , but in his knowledge of his cousin . Brooks is still a speed ball pitcher , who relies on a receiver squaring up on him to pass the ball . No leading a receiver on a straight route or dropping the ball into a tight zone , just straight fast balls .

Donte has 4.2 speed , on a fly pattern few could keep up but Brooks cannot hit this route accurately . The offense is limited because Brooks is limited . Vick knows this ...

Brooks excels in the 4th quarter when defenses play deep , so they do not give up the deep balls . It is then the underneath routes are open . Brooks has problems when the safeties play in the middle and cut off the routes .

If Brooks could hit the fly route accurately , they could line Donte with his 4.2 speed , left and Beerman with his 4.1 speed , right and it would look like a jail break for touchdowns all day long .

SaintsFan1967 11-18-2002 08:50 AM

I agree with gatorman and Saints08. Dan Reeves set the tone for the game and our coachs just let him do it. I hope we have learned from this. And I like Saints08\'s comments on the deep ball. You have a speed merchant and can\'t use him as such. What\'s up with that? I bet one thing for sure, Jake could hit him or Lewis on the fly pattern. You have to streach the defense when you have the kind of offense that we have. Then your running game opens up as well. I hope we don\'t see anymore of the kind of play the rest of the way. If we do then look for the same thing to happen to us like last year. We must stop playing down to inferrior teams.

saintz08 11-18-2002 10:17 AM

Brooks brought to New Orleans a competitive edge of an elusive quarterback , although recently those run have been a little suspect . Brooks needs to have the ability to hit the touch passes as well as the rifle shots . As a quarterback he is only using about 50% of his passing options and when defensive coordinators figure that out , that is when things get ugly . Atlanta knows Brooks .

Different quarterbacks do add a different dimension to an offense . Brooks excels in the red zone because of his strong arm , it\'s getting there that is the problem .

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