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mutusos_galvastane 03-12-2004 03:21 PM

I just don't get it
What ever qb New orleans puts up on offence you ***** and complain.

given the circumstances Brooks did not play that bad this season allow me to show you something.
manning 99.0
green 92.0
mcnair 100.4
culpeper 96
farve 90
brooks 88.0

seattle 1 int loss
indy 2 ints 3 fumbles 1 interception was stallworths fault loss
bucs 2 ints won
bucs 1 int 4 fumbles lost
carolina 1 fumble
Tennesee 3 fumbles

So my conclusion is this out of all these fumbles most where in bulk.
Brooks was 8 best in passer rating 4th best in the nfc the least amount of interceptions this season out of starters. out of all the games ints where thrown the saints only lost 3 games. You say owe but he had 11 fumbles do you realise that these 11 fumbles came in a total of 4 games Carolina,Bucs,Titans,colts. Now my question is this whi is resposible for the other 4 losses. I can answer for two losses Duece fumble in overtime against Carolina,Carney's blotched kick. Care too add youR insults if you wish but realise this. Brooks is also the only qb too run for 100 yards in one game than the next game throw for 400 against the raiders. Another thing if it wasn't for brooks and willie jackson we would still not have a playoff win so I guess you wan Billy joe tolliver,Billy joe Hobert,Steve Wilson,Shuler,Blake or Danny Waurffel back huh. you guys make me laugh. I must say though the one flaw that pisses me off that Brooks has yet too work on is his backpeddling the ****er backpeddles 15 yards than thinks he can out run everyone. Instead of looking up feild, or if nothing is there throwing it away or finding the open seam and running up feild for yardage. Well thats all i have too say

WhoDat 03-12-2004 06:13 PM

I just don't get it
Wow, another Brooks debate. Haven\'t had one of these in a month or so. That\'s gotta be a record. Should I teach this newbie a lesson or what guys? ;)

26DEUCE26 03-12-2004 11:55 PM

I just don't get it
The reason fans want Brooks out of town is because of his severe lack of leadership. mutusos keeps bringing up turnovers, to me it\'s not so much about the turnovers, it\'s about his actions after the turnover. I don\'t know how many times I saw him make a turnover, and a few minutes later laughing on the sideline. We need a leader on offense, and typically that person is the QB. Haslett can send him to all the leadership seminars he wants to, but this guy will never be a leaderthat we so badly need.

deadflatbird 03-13-2004 09:16 AM

I just don't get it
The QB doesn\'t have to be the leader on the field. Could be anyone... Horn could have easily stepped up and taking charge but it was hard for him for he even had a down year so it was hard for him to back up his words with actions like he has done in previous years. I stand behind Brooks. The fumbles was just uncalled for but so was bad blocking, and dropped passes, as well as missed extra points. It was a horrible year for a team we had high hopes for. Do I think any of them deserve to lose there jobs over it... maybe but that is at the coaches level I would terminate. Either we make it to the play-offs this year are we clean house at the coaches level and upgrade ect. This is a solid-respectable team except a few spots on D. A solid FA so far and a solid draft this team will be a force. I think we can be more constructive adding players and upgrading at certain positions than trying to run players out of town. SIMPLE FACT... Guess who is going to be our QB next year??? ARRON BROOKS.

WhoDat 03-13-2004 04:40 PM

I just don't get it
You Brooks folks keep using that as if it validates your argument. Guess who is going to be our coach next year? Jim Haslett. Does the fact that he is our coach prove that he is a good coach or the right coach for the team? No, it does not. Same holds true for Brooks. You all say that AB will be our QB and that somehow validates him and proves that he is worthy. That\'s a circular argument. Da Vinci\'s art is the best of all time. Why is it the best of all time? B/c it is by Da Vinci.

deadflatbird 03-13-2004 06:26 PM

I just don't get it
No No No, your missing my point. FACT! Brooks is a better than average QB, stats back that up. FACT! Jim Haslett is a good coach. record thus far proves it. Some coaches in the league have a worse win-loss record percentage. Of all the coaches we have had how many got us a playoff win... I think he has got this year to go to the play-offs or he can go else where. FICTION: Manning is going to New Orleans. But hey anything can happen. if ya want to know if Da Vinci is a great artist you have to talk to art critic for that I am not just a Saints fan and critic here. I think the errors made this year were more importantly at the coaching level and specifically the D-Coach. It was unfortunate that it seems the whole team it seems had a bad year. Now get smart, learn from it and lets get better for next year. If the team does not then we need to one make drastic decisions because our coaches didn\'t learn nor did they improve the team.

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