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mutusos_galvastane 03-12-2004 03:24 PM

I just don't get it
What ever qb New orleans puts up on offence you ***** and complain.

given the circumstances Brooks did not play that bad this season allow me to show you something.
manning 99.0
green 92.0
mcnair 100.4
culpeper 96
farve 90
brooks 88.0

seattle 1 int loss
indy 2 ints 3 fumbles 1 interception was stallworths fault loss
bucs 2 ints won
bucs 1 int 4 fumbles lost
carolina 1 fumble
Tennesee 3 fumbles

So my conclusion is this out of all these fumbles most where in bulk.
Brooks was 8 best in passer rating 4th best in the nfc the least amount of interceptions this season out of starters. out of all the games ints where thrown the saints only lost 3 games. You say owe but he had 11 fumbles do you realise that these 11 fumbles came in a total of 4 games Carolina,Bucs,Titans,colts. Now my question is this whi is resposible for the other 4 losses. I can answer for two losses Duece fumble in overtime against Carolina,Carney's blotched kick. Care too add youR insults if you wish but realise this. Brooks is also the only qb too run for 100 yards in one game than the next game throw for 400 against the raiders. Another thing if it wasn't for brooks and willie jackson we would still not have a playoff win so I guess you wan Billy joe tolliver,Billy joe Hobert,Steve Wilson,Shuler,Blake or Danny Waurffel back huh. you guys make me laugh. I must say though the one flaw that pisses me off that Brooks has yet too work on is his backpeddling the ****er backpeddles 15 yards than thinks he can out run everyone. Instead of looking up feild, or if nothing is there throwing it away or finding the open seam and running up feild for yardage. Well thats all i have too say

VaeVictus 03-12-2004 03:27 PM

I just don't get it
I think the problem most people have is that Brooks doesn\'t seem to care. He still holds on to the ball far too long and fumbles when he is hit. Alot of times (especially this past season) dropped balls were an issue, but Brooks has no fire. Not everthing is funny. Our offfense (except for the Deuceman) was very mediocre this year. Brooks is just a very good backup at best. He doesn\'t have that competitive fire that is needed. I hope he prove alot of people wrong this year, but I wouldn\'t put money on it.

iceshack149 03-12-2004 03:34 PM

I just don't get it
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:D Just kidding fellas.

iceshack149 03-12-2004 03:56 PM

I just don't get it
In response to your post, I agree. I consider AB to be an above average quarterback and he is not the problem with this team. Solidifying the defense with a couple of more free agent moves for the secondary and linebackers is what the organization should focus on.
The offense has it\'s problems too with receivers dropping the ball, AB\'s fumbling, and lack of discipline commiting fouls on both sides of the ball.

whowatches 03-12-2004 04:08 PM

I just don't get it

you guys make me laugh.
Punctuation can be funny... I guess. :question:

mutusos_galvastane 03-12-2004 04:12 PM

I just don't get it
You know the smiling when he throws ints I don\'t get either maybe he has a deal with colgate or somethin for each int he throws he gets a certain amount of money who knows. You know though I would rather him do that than show that he discouraged. Because with discouragement comes hopelesness. I never seen Brooks give up once of course being i\'m from Ohio I only get too see about 5 televised games a year. I must say though with Brooks he gives us something he had not had in awhile before he came along the ability too fall behind by 20 points and still come back. For instance the saints bears game I have where Brooks gave Urlacker the 12 shuffle than stallworth burnt them for the winning score. The thing that does drive me crazy the most is the backpeddling. my self i\'m a big firm beleiver n the 1 2 3 drop. I mean your suppose too step intoo the pocket when pressure is coming and thrown the ball away if there is nothing there or find a seam to gain some yardage. HE does not have that instict thats my only problem with him.

iceshack149 03-12-2004 04:27 PM

I just don't get it

Punctuation can be funny... I guess.
Tooshay!,. :)

saintz08 03-12-2004 04:37 PM

I just don't get it

What ever qb New orleans puts up on offence you ***** and complain.

given the circumstances Brooks did not play that bad this season allow me to show you something.
From an earlier posted article :

QB Aaron Brooks didn\'t have a bad season, but he also didn\'t have a great one, either, despite his 3,546 yards passing and 24 TDs. In the first five games of the season, Brooks started relatively slowly compared to what many expected him to do. After all, this was his third year leading a power West Coast offense and he had plenty of weapons to work with. Averaging just over 250 yards passing per game, 1.25 TDs and one interception per game during that stretch, the Saints looked like they lacked a killer instinct as they stumbled out to a 1-4 record. Brooks went on to average 1.7 passing TDs per game over the next 11 games, while also averaging 231 passing yards per game. Brooks went on to also score two touchdowns rushing on the season (183 rushing yards) and kept his interceptions to just eight on the season - seven less than his previous season. His 59.1 completion percentag! e was also the highest of his career, so some growth in him as a player can be seen in the statistics. Brooks is under contract through 2007 and his base salary remains reasonable this year at $2.75 million. Next year, however, it takes a hefty jump to $5.5 million and continues to grow: $6.25 million (2006) and $7.25 million (2007). Entering his fourth year as a full-time starter, Brooks will now have to take his level of play to yet another level if he hopes to lead the Saints to the Promised Land - or even the playoffs for that matter.

BrooksMustGo 03-12-2004 05:16 PM

I just don't get it
You know, since Aaron Brooks is the new Jeff George (cannon arm, no work ethic, dumb decisions, \"me first\" player), I think there is only one guy in the whole dang league that could get him to win: Denny Green.

Denny has a fabulous history of taking lazy players, attitude problem players and dumb players and making them winners. I wonder if we could interest him in Brooks and what we could get for Brooks by way of trade?

Now if Green took the Cardinals to the NFC championship with Brooks under center, about half of this board would be up in arms. But I bet that if that happened, Green is the only coach in the league who could possibly do it with Brooks. If Green would give us his first round pick, we might be able to parlay that into a move on Eli.

We owe it to the Mannings to keep Eli safe from Al Davis.

26DEUCE26 03-13-2004 12:18 AM

I just don't get it
That\'s a pipe dream. Why would the Cardinal\'s want to take that chance on Brooks? I don\'t really think Brooks is lazy, or has an attitude problem. Some people are leaders and some are followers. He will never be a leader because of his lack of competitivness.

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