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Da_Louisiana_Fan 11-18-2002 08:42 AM

"Show me where the Money went"
:casstet: Yep I'll say it !!!!

Well how's that feel saints players? We stand by you thick and thin. But three pointless losses show me something. First, the playoff teams you played in the beginning of the season, good wins. but I bet they are rolling better than you now. And if you see them again, they have three wonderful games to key up on. That brings up a good point there as well the rest of the regular season looks alot tougher for you now. remember the BUCS are coming to town. after that a team (Carolina) you cant even put out of there misery. Oh and there a division foe, but the BUCS can, makes you think?

Now on to all the trash talk, you see N.O. has always been the underdog. We have always been the humble opponent. I think this fits better for us a fans as well. You see before if we win people would simply say "sorry Saints, they'll go no where". This is the way it was in 89, and 00. We still didn't go anywhere memorable, but it was a fun ride. So when we as fans that go to work in different city's, and state that have Pro football. This gets even tougher to stomach. I think to after all the MONEY you requested and received. And after all the SUPPORT that you get from a wonderful state. its time to PUT UP, or SHUT UP.

And in finishing, I do love the saints, but only for the place they represent. A great state with 36 years of loosing at this game. I however do not have love for over priced trash talking, offence name making up, how many touchdown I can make, who's baby is that, substance abuse suspension, caught speeding, and on and on and on.

So it comes down to a gut check. Do you want to be remembered as those mentioned above? Do you want to add another year to the list? Come back to reality. Settle down get focused. Some body wake up the defense tell them there's a game going on.

I do not blame the coaches in this matter, They are the best coaching staff in the league. The players are the ones on the field. And as for Coach Haslet "Coach of the decade" break there backs, I know he will.

You can rip me apart for this, but as I see it. Someone had to say it.

:exclam: :casstet: :exclam:

Da_Louisiana_Fan 11-18-2002 11:44 AM

"Show me where the Money went"
Good rip.

Unfortunately, I cant watch them. I have to login at 56k go to ESPN and painfully watch there slow updated scoreboard. That the trouble of being in another (enemies) territory. But I do it, and have for years. I would never cry over a winning season. but I will hold my head down when we sit at home in January. We are expected to be a front runner in the playoffs. As for the team that lost this weekend, I honestly don\'t know if we could beat any of the ones you spoke about. Here\'s why, Packers have gotten better as time went by this season, we haven\'t. 49ers, to close to call, but if we play like we did last time they would win. Eagles, QB gone we would play down to them.

But I think the real question would be can they pull out of this, and make it?
Cleveland 5 5 (not to bad, could be one we play down to?)
Tampa 8 2 (D is stepping up, don\'t have to put to many points on the board. But they are) and we have to win this I think.
Bay Baltimore 4 6 (Yet another on I think we should win, but I thought that about Carolina and Atlanta)
Minnesota 3 7 (we should win, but after the years of them kicking our @#$ they scare me)
@Cincinnati 1 9 ( I will never say a win against a team like this, as soon as I do \"BLAM\")
Carolina 3 7 (Why cant we just walk all over this team?)

If we make it, who are the play off teams. Oakland, Packers, Denver. The team better step it up we have never faired to well against these teams.

And If this sparks you mad I don\'t mean it to be hurtful. Its just a debate.

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