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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Michigan_SF And we all know what happened to THAT Ferrari....

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Originally Posted by Michigan_SF View Post

And we all know what happened to THAT Ferrari.
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Originally Posted by NOS2SB View Post
I don't think Matt Ryan should be able to keep his nickname. He hasn't lived up to it.
I don't know, matty ice-cold works after yesterday!
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All these teams wanna be SAINTS-LIKE and come out super aggressive but remember you HAVE to have the stones, confidence and the KILLER INSTINCT, it starts with DREW BREES!!!! they want to be SOOOOO SAINTS-LIKE and trade up to achieve an explosive offense and a chance at FOOTBALL GREATNESS but remember it starts with the coaches, not over-rated receivers. who the hell do they have upstairs making their decisions, AL DAVIS???
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Originally Posted by foreverfan View Post
Let's face it... the NYG have a great chance beating the Packers.
I've thought from the jump that NYG had the best chance of beating them. No way was ATL beating anyone. Never thought they had a chance. You are who you are...and the Falcons are not good. Talented...yes. Good...not at all. 2 points? TERRIBLE!!

The only reason they give us a tough time is because just like with LSU/Ala, we expect a close game so we call/play a close game. Once an opponent realizes that these guys are not in your class then you can dominate them every time. As we did on 26 Dec.

And I for one put most of the blame on the Smith. Their fans have every right to throw him under the bus. Too bad they have to see that N.O. bus twice year. HA!
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Originally Posted by NOS2SB View Post
I don't think Matt Ryan should be able to keep his nickname. He hasn't lived up to it.
What, you don't like "Skid Britches"?
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The truth of it is that the Falcons have been gambling with house money and going for it on 4th down for a LONG time, especially against the Saints, and now the whole league has caught on to it. Why do you think all those Saints/Falcons games were so close for so long? Because they would get 7-10-14cheap points a game by extending drives by going for it. Take that away, they are suddenly not so hot.

That whole highly touted offense of the Falcons, was based on handing off to Turner, on getting first downs via push-offs and cheap PI flags where Ryan just throws it up, and on GOING FOR IT ON 4TH DOWN. That is what enabled the Falcons to have those famous long drawn out trademark drives of theirs, that eat up clock and result in points. Take away the going for it 4th down like the Saints, Texans and Giants have done, and it's plain to see that the Falcons whole offensive scheme and talent level is not really very good.
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Matty Douche The Ice Bag is a perfect nickname for that skid mark with shoes.

Keep it up Atlanta! We love watching your meltdowns in the playoffs.
Some of us are enjoying their obvious lack of actual success. They've earned it. Just like the nickname, dirtybirds.

The Giants merely exposed Atlanta. The light of reality often exposes racing stripes.
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Best way to end this thread...

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Originally Posted by Budsdrinker View Post
I don't know, matty ice-cold works after yesterday!
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where's the media now, just like the clown backers are in a hole. was so sick of hearing how they were the hotest thing on earth after we defeated them the first time around. it all came out the real clowns that is . what a
asre whooping
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