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League admits mistake in Lions-Saints game

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; There's no way of telling that. A lot of people assume they had a touchdown taken away from them... but who really knows that? We played to the whistle and stopped once it was blown dead. After 3 or 4 ...

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There's no way of telling that. A lot of people assume they had a touchdown taken away from them... but who really knows that? We played to the whistle and stopped once it was blown dead. After 3 or 4 more blown whistles, they decide to continue running toward the endzone with the ball... that doesn't mean they had a TD taken away from them. It means they're deaf.
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lets just let it go....

Give Det an assumed 7 points...

NO - 45
Det - 35

We still win...

Next victim
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An inadvertent whistle is one thing, I can accept those because a play like that is tough to get right on the spot at that speed. The failure to follow the rules and awarding the balls to the Lions however is a lot more serious.
That is what I just can't believe. I mean me and the guys sitting around me knew that an inadvertent whistle meant we should have retained possession, how can an entire team of referees not come the same conclusion? WTF?

I was also shocked by the way the Saints coaching staff seemed to accept the call without a fight. I tend to think that if Payton had gone ballistic then maybe the refs would have spent more time talking about it and possibly could have some to the right decision.
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Since they couldn't stop us all night I'm going to assume they stole a minimum of three points from us.

I've been hanging out at a Lions forum since last week. They're a pretty nice group but they're the whiniest bunch I've ever seen. Yeah, even worse than Vikings fans. This one of their pet peeves. I posted this on their board and am now aware that this is just part of the NFL conspiracy to keep the Lions down. You guys did know about the conspiracy right?
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I believe you don't let the game come down to one play... you win it out right so no one can mistake who won the game. Don't leave one play by the hands of officiating cause you to win or lose the game.

So the play became a mute point for the outcome of the game.
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Originally Posted by Boutte View Post
I've been hanging out at a Lions forum since last week ... they're the whiniest bunch ... this is just part of the NFL conspiracy to keep the Lions down ...
Originally Posted by Halo View Post
It was a bad call. We have these conversations every week... unfortunately.
This is why I'm here posting on the Black & Gold, if you post an objective thought about your team on a Lions board, the slappies who go through life with honolulu blue & silver goggles on get indignant and call you names ... and half of 'em are running/moderating the boards! It's just not realtime football dialogue. You can't blame the refs and the league's not out to get anyone ... except maybe Ndamukong Suh, lol! (jk)

It is sad this conversation occurs every week on every board around the league. Early on, I noticed that no matter what game I watched, it was full of questionable calls. We had a ref in the Green Bay game call the start of the third quarter at the two minute warning for crissake, where was his head at? These guys (the refs) are part-timers officiating an extremely fast game, played by arguably the top athletes in the world. Let's get some younger refs out there on the field and utilize today's technology to allow for reviewing more plays. Two challenges a game and the plays you can't challenge are ridiculous.

That being said, even if it warranted playing the game over, I don't think it would have changed the outcome much and that's what's important. As long as the ref's mistakes aren't deciding games, we live with it.

gone fishin'.
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I knew it wasn't a fumble when the play happened, Drew was all class about that play in his post game presser but just goes to show you that these refs are clueless
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non issue, would no have changed the outcome of the game.
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A human being made a mistake in real-time-blistering-speed sporting activity. Wow, that never happens.

I'm more often amazed how many calls they get correct in a nanosecond.

I don't whine about the mistakes they make.
ALL humans make mistakes and it would be douchebaglike to blame or whine about it. Just sayin'.

The NFL often claims they've made mistakes. I respect that about them. I agree it is a non issue. Good point.
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Am I really about to give Choupique a "like?"
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