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Do saint fans consider GB a rival

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by 73Saint I was attempting reverse psychology Don't quit your day job....

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Originally Posted by 73Saint View Post
I was attempting reverse psychology
Don't quit your day job.
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It sucks that if there's a rematch it has to be in GB in Jan. where one team has an advantage because of the weather. Homefield is one thing but throw in a team from the South trying to play in weather conditions that most haven't dealt with in years if ever. No use crying about it though.
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Originally Posted by Arodgers12 View Post
I feel the same about the Saints and Brees broke all the records in garbage time as well when they were already up by 30. I hope you guys do hate us. If were hated that means were good. To repeat again and everyone pulling against us makes us feel awesome.
OK the only game you can use the term garbage time is St. Louis because we had no chance of winning at the end and Drew got his TD to keep his streak alive. I have never seen a team trailing in a game go to a prevent defense to give up more yards. That is a foolish statement. Only a defense with a big lead gives up yardage which equates to garbage time. Was that garbage time at the end of our first meeting when we were on the GB 1 yard line as time ran out? Garbage time my AZZ! Face it, Green Bay is afraid to play us again!!!

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Dear GB fan,

No you are not our rival, as a matter of fact you are pretty much insignificant to most Saints fans. No need to come here seeking validity, or hoping you have a rival to make you feel that your team is better than it is. Other than the fact that most people hate the sound of Bret Favre's name, we do not think of GB very often. We are actually preparing to run through SF then beat down the Giants to take the NFC Championship.

As far as for your "garbage time" comment about the record, don't you wish GB was able to take leads to facilitate that much garbage time?

Oh wait.... GB didnt pull Rodgers when they had large leads either:
GB 45 - Min 7 = Rogers stayed in till middle of 4th qtr
GB 49 - Den 23 = Rogers stayed in till middle of 4th qtr

Interesting.... That's because Aaron was gaining junk yardage to try and break Brett Favre's single season TD passing record.
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I live for that rematch. Even if it comes at the first game NEXT season, as the Super Bowl Champion Saints open agains the former champions.

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I think I would rather put down the Giants and kill yet another Manning's hopes and dreams
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Along that line.....why is it that when we play GB, it's always at "their house?" Could it be that the "powers that be" don't wanna give the Saints the edge against their newest "golden child?" Food for thot! Next year's schedule has us playing the cheesers at their house yet again!
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AR12 hell no were not rivals and you hope you do see use again and hell yeah I will said I hope the Giants do lose so we get another chance to see GB again.
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I forgot to answer his initial question. Do we consider GB a rival? No sir. Not even!
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Not even close to being a rival. Where is the history there. It only started being a "rivalry" in YOUR mind when the Saints shellacked you 51-21 in 2008. Before that, the Saints/Packers matchup was meaningless to you, just admit it. With Sean Payton as coach the series is 2-1 and the one you won you barely squeaked by and got lucky at the end. If I were you I would rethink this image you have of your team as being so fearsome and world-beating. The truth is both the Giants and Saints nearly tripped you up at the end, you are squeaking a lot of these games out. I'd be worried about your defense going into the playoffs, because you're not beating teams down or running away with games. Looking at the total picture of what happens whenever combinations of these 2-3 teams go head to head, it looks like both the Giants and Saints are more of a difficult problem for the Packers to get past, than the Packers or Giants are a problem for the Saints.
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